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Application Process for Food and Nutrition


For information on applying to Ohio University as an undergraduate, visit Ohio University Undergraduate Admissions.



  • Copies of application materials submitted to the Graduate College are forwarded to appropriate department(s) by the graduate college.
  • The departmental graduate committee recommends or denies admission and forwards the decision to the Graduate College. Each department has its own procedures and time line for reviewing applications.
  • The Graduate College reviews file and department admission decision.
  • Applications are valid for one year from the date submitted and can be deferred up to one year from the submission date.
  • Students must begin study in the term to which they have been admitted unless a student requests and is granted a deferral by the degree program prior to the start of the original term of entry.
  • The Graduate College sends the applicant a letter indicating admission decision as follows:
    • Unconditional Admission
    • Conditional Admission
      • Students having some deficiency in the entrance requirements (low GPA, TOEFL, etc.).
      • May achieve unconditional admission by satisfactorily completing a prescribed program (example: completion of additional English language study resulting in required TOEFL score).
      • Students admitted conditionally are not eligible for any Ohio University financial assistance.
    • Provisional Admission
      • Students approved for admission who have not submitted all required, final, official documents.
      • Changed to unconditional admission once the Graduate College receives all final documents.
    • Denial