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Support and Services

Support and Services

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA) offers expertise, programming and administrative support for all instructors, from graduate student instructors and teaching assistants to seasoned faculty members with the firm understanding that faculty members’ success in creating meaningful learning experiences leads to increased student engagement and achievement.

The CTLA Supports Faculty and Staff by:

  • Offering professional development opportunities that ensure constructive, inclusive and active learning environments for all students
  • Leveraging experienced faculty leaders to promote teaching excellence across the University
  • Collaborating with academic units to assess programs and courses to achieve equitable student learning outcomes
  • Encouraging innovative Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)
  • Contributing to the development of policies and procedures that support excellence in teaching

CTLA Collaborations and Contributions

Collaboration with Academic Units

The CTLA assists academic units with:

  • developing student learning outcomes and assessment plans
  • collecting direct and indirect evidence of student learning
  • using evidence of student learning to improve programs

The center also supports the University Curriculum Council (UCC) to document, track, and improve student achievement of general education learning outcomes.

Providing information, training and workshops that support student retention, persistence and degree completion for all students is an additional function of CTLA and its partners.  

Contribution to the Development of Policies and Procedures

CTLA supports the work of the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA) Committee, which is committed to cultivating exceptional practices and continuous improvement in teaching, learning and assessment at the course, curricular and program levels across the University, and the Faculty Senate's Educational Policies and Student Affairs Committee (EPSA) to consider issues related to the curriculum, educational policies (including catalog language), and broader issues concerning students.

In addition, CTLA collaborates with the Faculty Senate's University Curriculum Council (UCC) to consider issues related to university curriculum matters.

In all cases, CTLA serves as a resource on topics specific to teaching and learning.

Consultation Services

  • CTLA One-on-One Consultation Services

    One-on-one confidential consultation service focuses on the individual needs of an instructor, whether they are seeking to improve their teaching performance in the classroom; explore new pedagogical models; or develop effective student feedback, assessment, and evaluation processes. Contact the CTLA to request a consultation.

  • Instructional Design Consultation

    The Office of Instructional Innovation (OII) offers consultations with an instructional designer. Or, visit the OII website to learn more about their services.