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MATH 2301, 2302, 3300: Calculus I, II, III

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Coordinator: Adam Fuller


Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals, James Stewart, 2nd Edition; Active Calculus, Matt Boelkins; or Apex Calculus, Gregory Hartman.

(Each instructor will choose which of these textbooks to use).

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Sample Exams for MATH 2301 - Calculus I

These exams are intended only to give you an idea about the format of the final exam. The questions on your final can be taken from any of the material covered in the class. You must do and understand all of the homework and review all of the material to be well-prepared.

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

  1. Good practice encourages student - faculty contact
  2. Good practice encourages cooperation among students
  3. Good practice encourages active learning
  4. Good practice gives prompt feedback
  5. Good practice emphasizes time on task
  6. Good practice communicates high expectations
  7. Good practice respects diverse talents and ways of learning

The above points are a summary of the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education as complied in a study supported by the American Association of Higher Education, the Education Commission of the States, and The Johnson Foundation. The study appeared in the AAHE Bulletin, 3-7, 1987.

Department Policy on Common Final Exams

The following guidelines should govern the implementation of common final exams:

  1. Any course in which a common final exam is to be given should possess a core syllabus approved by the Undergraduate Committee. The final exam should be drawn entirely from material included in the relevant core syllabus.
  2. The final exam should count for between 25% and 50% of a student's final grade and this should be reflected on each individual instructor's syllabus.
    1. The exact percentage is left to the individual instructor, as long as it lies in the specified range.
    2. These limits may be waived for individual students in exceptional circumstances.
    3. The Course Coordinator may specify stricter bounds for part-time instructors and teaching assistants.
  3. The final exam is written by the Course Coordinator with input from faculty members teaching the course. The degree to which part-time instructors and teaching assistants are allowed to participate in this process is left up to the Course Coordinator.