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Algebra Examination Syllabus


Group Theory

Groups and Homomorphisms. The Isomorphism Theorems. Permutation Groups. G-sets. Direct Products. The Sylow Theorems. The Fundamental Theorem of Finitely Generated Abelian Groups. The Jordan-Holder Theorem. Solvable Groups.

Rings and Modules

Principal Ideal Domains, Unique Factorization Domains. Rings of Quotients (Fractions). Modules, Endomorphism Rings of Modules. Direct Product and Direct Coproducts of Rings and Modules. Socles and Radicals of Rings and Modules. Artinian and Noetherian Rings and Modules, Wedderburn-Artin Structure Theorem. Free Modules, Injective and Projective Modules. Von Neumann Regular Rings.

Field Theory

Theory of Algebraic Extensions of fields. Normal and Separable Extensions. Finite Fields. Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory and its Applications. Solvability by Radicals, Constructibility by straight edge and compass.

Linear Algebra

Vector Spaces, Basis. Dual Vector Spaces. Matrices and Linear Mappings. Bilinear Forms. Inner Products. Canonical Forms - Diagonal, Triangular, Jordan.


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