Ohio University

Online Programs Overview

Enroll with Ohio University without having to leave home! Even if you cannot attend classes at any Ohio University campus or center, you can become an OHIO student through one of our five associate's degree programs or 10 online bachelor completion programs. Experience the best student-centered learning experience in the country anywhere you have an Internet connection!

Bachelor's Degrees

Ohio University's Online Degree Completion Program maximizes the transfer of credits earned during the course of an associate degree and provides options for students to complete some courses through their local community college while earning an Ohio University bachelor’s degree online, or you can finish all courses online from OHIO.

Students who did not earn an associate's degree from one of our Community College Partners are still eligible for the Online Degree Completion Program. Any student with an associate's degree, who meets program application requirements, may apply to earn a bachelor's degree online.

Associate's Degrees

The associate's degrees are offered in a flexible format that may include a combination of online courses, print-based courses, or independent learning courses. Please note: While many of the courses may be offered online, some courses may need to be completed through print-based education courses.

Community College Partners

Ohio University nurtures partnerships with community colleges throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. You can build on your previous coursework and associate's degree by taking courses from Ohio University and your community college to complete your bachelor's degree at OHIO.

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