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Accommodations and Services

Getting Around Campus

OHIO’s Parking and Transportation Services provides information regarding visitor parking, accessible parking for students and employees, and transit information. Regular campus shuttles are accessible and available to guests as well as students and employees. The Accessibility Map provides information to assist with understanding the accessibility or difficulty of paths of travel across the Athens campus.

Athens Campus Walking Accessibility Map [PDF]

Parking and Transportation Services

Accessing University Events and Programs

OHIO is committed to providing access for events and programs sponsored, in whole or in part, by the University that may be open to students, employees, or the public. Any individual who requires accommodations for an event, including communication services, should contact the sponsoring department to initiate their request. The Office for University Accessibility provides consultation to event and program planners to assist them in meeting accommodation requests. However, the planning department or individual is best situated to help you understand the program and work with you to determine your needs. Individuals who have identified their requests to the event planner are welcomed to contact the Office for University Accessibility if there are concerns.

Employee Accommodations

Regardless of employment status (student, faculty, staff, part-time, full-time, etc.) or campus of employment, all requests for employment related accommodations should be directed to the Office for University Accessibility. If you are in the process of seeking employment with Ohio University, please contact the Office of Accessibility at access@ohio.edu or 740.593.2620 directly to discuss your request. If you are currently employed, please review the process for requesting employee accommodations.

Student Accommodations

Student Accessibility Services (SAS), as a specialized staff of OUA, focuses on facilitating access for students on all campuses and at all levels of study. SAS receives and coordinates all requests related to academic accommodations as well as accommodations to assist in fully participating in student life. While SAS is managed centrally through the Athens campus, staff are located on regionally campuses and equipped to work with students who attend on-line. Information regarding the process to request accommodations as a student can be found on the SAS webpage and students may contact the office at any time with questions.