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Departmental Contact Information



Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Ryan T. Lombardi, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs
212 Cutler Hall
T: (740) 593-2580
E: lombardi@ohio.edu

W: ohio.edu/studentaffairs



Campus Involvement Center
Charlene Kopchick
Assistant Dean of Students
355 Baker University Center                                         
T: (740) 593-4025
E: kopchicc@ohio.edu



Campus Recreation
Steve Sammons
Interim Executive Director of Campus Recreation
Ping Recreation Center
T: (740) 593-4665
F: (740) 593-9903

E: sammons@ohio.edu



Career & Leadership Development Center
Imants Jaunarajs
Assistant Dean of Students for Career & Leadership Development Center
533 Baker University Center
T: (740) 593-2909
F: (740) 593-1393

E: jaunaraj@ohio.edu


Counseling and Psychological Services
Alfred Weiner, Ph.D.
Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
314 Hudson Health Center
T: (740) 593-1616
E: weiner@ohio.edu



Event Services & Baker University Center
Dustin Kilgour
Executive Director of Event Services
347 Baker University Center
T: (740) 593-4056
F: (740) 593-0223

E: kilgour@ohio.edu



Office of the Dean of Students
Jennifer Hall-Jones, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Vice President
& Dean of Students
345 Baker University Center
T: (740) 593-1800
E: hallj1@ohio.edu


Residential Housing
Peter Trentacoste
Executive Director of Housing
060 Chubb Hall
T: (740) 593-4090
E: trentaco@ohio.edu


Student Health Services
Karen Montgomery-Reagan, M.D.
Interim Medical Director
231 Hudson Health Center
T: (740) 593-1660
F: (740) 593-0179


University Judiciaries
Christopher Harris, J.D.
349 Baker University Center
T: (740) 593-2629
F: (740) 593-4613