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OU Campus and Uptown Athens
Nuit Blanche
Where: OU Campus and Uptown Athens
When: Saturday, Oct 4 6:00 PM
Nuit Blanche (meaning White Night, in French) is an annual all-night arts festival which is currently active annually in nearly 120 cities from around the world including: Paris, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Brussels, Rome, Madrid, and in this coming year, Melbourne, Australia, and Athens, Ohio. A Nuit Blanche includes the participation of private and public cultural institutions which are open and free of charge to the public, whereby the whole town or city itself being turned into a de facto art gallery, providing space for art installations, performances (music, film, dance, performance art), ‘themed’ social gatherings and other activities. Nuit Blanche was created in Paris in 2002 to bring contemporary art to the public. More details coming soon!
Various locations around campus
World Music and Dance Festival
Where: Various locations around campus
When: Monday, Oct 6
Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium
World Music and Dance Festival Performance
Where: Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium
When: Friday, Oct 10 7:00 PM