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Minor in Coaching Education

Patton College of Education

Minor in Coaching Education

The Coaching Education minor will provide all students interested in athletic coaching (e.g., youth, interscholastic, or intercollegiate) with the opportunity to gain applied experiences and knowledge in the profession. The minor is ideal for students pursuing a B.S. in Education, however students from any academic discipline can benefit a great deal from this program.

Admission Requirements

Freshman/First-Year Students: Enrollment in the Coaching Education minor entails no requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Current OU Zanesville Students: Adding the Coaching Education minor requires a minimum 2.0 gpa, for assistance in adding the minor please contact Kathy Normansell at normanse@ohio.edu

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Students with the Coaching Education minor will strengthen their skills and knowledge to be able to assist head coaches and increase potential for admission to a graduate program in coaching education.

Program Requirements

Completion of the Coaching Education minor requires a total of 16 semester hours Students must complete the following four courses:
COED 2120—Introduction to Coaching: 3hrs
COED 2130—Youth and Sports: 3hrs

COED 3130—Human Dynamics in Sport: 3hrs COED 2920—Practicum in Coaching: 1hr

Students must complete one of the following:

EDEC 1600—Introduction to Child Development: 3hrs NUTR 1000—Introduction to Nutrition: 3hrs
EXPH 1490—Introduction to Exercise Science: 3hrs

Sports Specific Concentration Requirements:
Students are required to complete one Technique and Tactics (1hr), as well as the corresponding “Coaching of” (2hr) in a specific sport. Currently students attending OU Zanesville may choose from the following:
Baseball, Basketball, or Football (on-line through OU Southern)

Contact Information

Kathy Normansell: normanse@ohio.edu or 740.588.1430