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Student Clubs and Organizations

OHIO Zanesville offers many different student organizations and clubs empowering students to explore a wide variety of involvement opportunities on and off campus. These organizations and clubs promote involvement in advocacy, governance, culture, religion, service, arts, sports, and more.

Organizations and clubs are a great way to enhance your educational experience and offer a forum for critical reflection, leadership development, and community engagement. Students who are involved in a student organization and/or club have the opportunity to meet new people, develop leadership skills, pursue their passions, gain valuable knowledge, and contribute to the OHIO Zanesville community and beyond.

The Book Was Better Book Club

Advisor: Justin Isaac

The Book Was Better Book Club is a club with the Zanesville Campus Library. 

Communication Club (COMS Club)

Advisor: Rita Ng

The Communication Studies Club (COMS Club) promotes professional and personal development among students interested in Communication Studies through leadership and networking opportunities where students can enhance communication skills critical to work and life.

CRU - Campus Crusade for Christ


Advisor: Christy Watson

Cru is a community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.  The student organization's hope is to give students the opportunity to grow in their faith and form meaningful relationships with others.  Join them for Bible Study each week!  For the most recent schedule and location check the campus calendar or connect with Christy Watson.

E Sports Club

Advisor: Larry Tumblin


Friends of Literacy and Imagination

Advisor: Justin Isaac

Friends of Literacy and Imagination is a service organization that brings together literary and service projects to promote awareness of services provided by the Zanesville Campus Library. 

Green Bobcats

Advisor: Dr. Shadi Abu-Baker

Green Bobcats is a way for you, the bobcat, to protect and get involved with the community and help clean up the environment with fellow faculty and student members.

Nerd Club

Advisor: Larry Tumblin

Nerd Club is a student interest club that focuses on everything you can nerd out about: board games, video games, Star Wars, anime, Marvel, and any other interest areas you can conjure. This year will also mark the start of Nerd Club partnering with the esports club in Athens to support competition. 

Omicron Alpha

Omicron Alpha is a professional student association designed to enhance your college career and focus on a professional development in the field of Communication Studies.

Rainbow Alliance

Advisor: Amy White

The purpose of this organization shall be to raise awareness and acceptance of people of all sexual orientations on the Ohio University Zanesville and Zane State College Campus. Our goal is to act as a support network for people of all sexual orientations and lifestyles. 

Rising Educators of OHIO Zanesville (REOUZ)


Advisor: Jen Lisy

Rising Educators of OHIO Zanesville (REOUZ) is open to all Education majors. REOUZ provides networking opportunities and conducts campus and community engagement activities. You will have opportunities to support each other while collaborating with individuals who have a passion for education.

Rotaract Club

Advisors: Summer Jacobs, Katie McCarty, and Heather Sands

Rotaract Club is an opportunity for students across OHIO Zanesville and Zane State College to collaborate and exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service to the community.  Join this group to take action in regular services projects in your community and make an impact!  

Sports & Recreation Club (SRC)

Advisor: Kathy Normansell

The SRC is open to any student, regardless of major.  The group schedules fun monthly activities both on and off campus, including: disc golf, cosmic bowling, games at Spring/Fall Fest, and more.  The Sport and Rec Lounge is open daily (Elson 245) for students to drop in and shoot some pool, play nerf basketball, play corn-hold or just relax on a comfy chair.  Join the group to receive email updates on club activities.


Social Work Student Association (SWSA)

Advisor: Leah Vensil

The OUZ Social Work Student Association is open to all individuals interested in becoming a professional social worker.  As a group, the students participate in school, community, and state events.  The SWSA is a great place to meet other social work students, network with community leaders and agencies, and grow as a professional.  

Student Nurses Association of Zanesville (SNAZ)

Advisors: Michele Crabb or Teresa Polen

Student nurses participate in personal and professional development activities designed to bring together in-service and pre-service nurses. You'll have the opportunity to learn communication skills, work as a team and establish professional health care contacts helpful for job seeking upon graduation. 

Tea Society 

Advisor: Korcaighe Hale

Interested in discovering new tea or drinks from across the world?  Join Tea Club for monthly meetings to discover more about various teas from across the world.