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Clubs and Organizations

Communication Club

  • Communication Club is a way for you and your fellow communications studies to get involved and promote the communications studies. It is a way to help the community and promote the university. If interested contact Rita Ng.

Friends for Literary Improvement (FLI)

  • Friends for Literary Improvement (FLI) is a service organization that brings together literary and service projects to promote awareness of services provided by the Zanesville Campus Library. Contact Janelle Hubble to get involved.

Rising Educators of OU Zanesville (REOUZ)

  • Rising Educators of Ohio University Zanesville (REOUZ) is open to all Education majors. REOUZ provides networking opportunities and conducts campus and community engagement activities. You will have opportunities to support each other while collaborating with individuals who have a passion for education. Contact Jen Lisy to learn more.

Green Bobcats

  • Green Bobcats is a way for you, the bobcat, to protect and get involved with the community and help clean up the environment with fellow faculty and student members. If at all interested please contact Dr. Shadi Abu-Baker to learn more.

History Club

  • Do you love talking about the past, or engaging in remarkable things that our ancestors did. Join other students that enjoy this as well. Currently inactive.

LGBTQ Alliance

  • The purpose of this organization shall be to raise awareness and acceptance of people of all sexual orientations on the Ohio University Zanesville and Zane State College Campus. Our goal is to act as a support network for people of all sexual orientations and lifestyles. Contact Advisors Elizabeth Kline, Zane State, or Amy White,¬†OHIO Zanesville, to learn more.

Nerd Club

  • Nerd Club is a student interest club that focuses on everything you can nerd out about: board games, video games, Star Wars, anime, Marvel, and any other interest areas you can conjure. This year will also mark the start of Nerd Club partnering with the esports club in Athens to support competition.¬†Contact Larry Tumblin for more information.

Omicron Alpha

  • Omicron Alpha is a professional student association designed to enhance your college career and focus on a professional development in the field of Communication Studies.

Student Nurses Association of Zanesville (SNAZ)

  • Future health care professionals participate in personal and professional development activities designed to bring together in-service and pre-service nurses. You'll have the opportunity to learn communication skills, working as a team and establish professional health care contacts helpful for job seeking upon graduation. Contact Susan Farus Brown or Teresa Polen to learn more.

Student Senate

  • Student Senate is a student government organization. Its members provide a voice in University matters, put forward ideas and strategies to help students as they complete their educational goals, sponsor fun and engaging activities for students and act as a liason for student issues, helping students find the resources they need to resolve the issue(s). Being active in Student Senate is a great way for students with little work experience to build a resume with project planning, communication skills and team work among the skills you'll learn. Currently inactive.