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Faculty and Staff Directory

Shadi Abu-Baker
Dr. Shadi Abu-Baker
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Mohannad Al-Saghir
Dr. Mohannad Al-Saghir
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
William Christy
Mr. William Christy
Assistant Professor Emeritus of Music
Dr. Michael Coconis
Dr. Michel Coconis
Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Work
Kenneth Collins
Dr. Kenneth Collins
Associate Professor/Coordinator of Electronic Media
Gary Conley
Mr. Gary Conley
Maintenance Repair Worker 4
Kitty Consolo
Dr. Kitty Consolo
Associate Professor of Health Sciences
Rodney Darner
Mr. Rodney Darner
Building Maintenance Specialist
Vicki DeLucas
Mrs. Vicki DeLucas
Financial Aid Coordinator
Susan Dowell
Susan D. Dowell, DNP, MSN, MBA, RNC
Associate Director of Nursing;
Associate Professor of Nursing
Susan Farus-Brown
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Jacqueline Forshey
Mrs. Jacqueline Forshey
Administrative Services Specialist - Nursing
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Mr. Steve Fraunfelter
IT Support Specialist
Sally Fusner
Dr. Sally Fusner
Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing
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Mrs. Tabatha Gard
Assistant Professor of Instruction in Nursing
Shahrokh Ghaffari
Dr. Shahrokh Ghaffari
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Korcaighe Hale
Dr. Korcaighe Hale
Associate Professor of History
Gail Hayes
Ms. Gail Hayes
Executive Assistant - Dean's Office
Nina Henderson
Mrs. Nina Henderson
Accessibility Coordinator
Tarig Higazi
Dr. Tarig Higazi
Professor of Biology
Sheryl House
Sheryl House
Associate Professor of Nursing
Jason Howard
Mr. Jason Howard
Director of Enrollment Services
Kevin Howard
Mr. Kevin Howard
Custodial Worker
Janelle Hubble
Ms. Janelle Hubble
Library Services & Information Commons Coordinator
Tracey Humphrey
Ms. Tracey Humphrey
Library Support Associate
Thomas Kamau
Dr. Thomas Kamau
Associate Professor of Health Sciences
Pramod Kanwar
Dr. Pramod Kanwar
Professor of Mathematics
Cindy Linn
Mrs. Cindy Linn
Academic Advisor
Chuan Liu
Dr. Chuan Liu
Professor of Mathematics
Frank LoSciavo
Dr. Frank LoSchiavo
Professor of Psychology
Rhonda Moore
Mrs. Rhonda Moore
Administrative Services Specialist - Academic Division
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Mr. Michael Nern
Associate Professor Emeritus of English
Rita Ng
Dr. Rita Ng
Associate Professor of Communications
Viet Dung Nguyen
Dr. Viet Dung Nguyen
Professor of Mathematics
Dean Nissan
Dr. Hannah Nissen
Dean of Campus and Community Relations
Kathy Normansell
Mrs. Kathy Normansell
Professor of Instruction in Health Sciences & Professions
Cindy Oliver
Ms. Cindy Oliver
Administrative Services Specialist, Student Success Center
Teri Peasley
Ms. Teri Peasley
Assistant Professor of Instruction in Early Childhood Education
Michelle Pendergast
Ms. Michelle Pendergast
Administrative Services Specialist - Student Services
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Mrs. Teresa Polen
Assistant Professor of Instruction in Nursing/Skills Lab
Devereaux Poling
Dr. Devereaux Poling
Associate Professor of Psychology
Gabriela Popa
Dr. Gabriela Popa
Associate Professor of Physics
Tracy Pritchard
Mr. Tracy Pritchard
Professor of Instruction in Social Work
Dallas Pulley
Mr. Dallas Pulley
Groundskeeper II
Angela Richcreek
Mrs. Angela Richcreek
Manager of Accounting and Human Resources
Mary Beth Robinson
Ms. Mary Beth Robinson
Instructional Support & OULN Manager
Raymond Rotella
Mr. Raymond Rotella
Academic Advisor
Pamela Sealover
Mrs. Pamela Sealover
Associate Director, Nursing
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Dr. Mark Shatz
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
Perry Smith
Mr. Perry Smith
Custodial Worker
Lisa Stein-Haven
Dr. Lisa Stein-Haven
Professor of English
Stacie Sweet
Dr. Stacie Sweet
Associate Professor of Nursing
Mohamed Tegany
Dr. Mohamed Tegany
Assistant Professor of Instruction in Biological Sciences
Claire Tiberio
Mrs. Claire Tiberio
Professor of Instruction in Nursing
Larry Tumblin
Mr. Larry Tumblin
Director of Information Systems
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Ms. Christy Vickers
Associate Professor of Nursing
Donald Wayne
Mr. Donald Wayne
General Maintenance Worker
Amy White
Amy White
Associate Professor of Philosophy