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OHIO Zanesville CARE Team

OHIO Zanesville CARE Team

Are you concerned about a student?

The Ohio University Zanesville CARE Team can help support students in crisis who may be at elevated risk of harming themselves or others. Anyone may submit a concern using the link below, including students, parents, faculty, staff, and other community members.

Do not use the form to report emergency situations. Forms are reviewed during regular business hours. In case of emergency, follow established procedures such as calling 911 or 988.

CARE Team Referral Form


The CARE Team will review the case and take appropriate action to assist the student.

· Reports can be made anonymously, but they do not have to be anonymous.

· Reports can be made without the student knowing.

· Reports can be made based on your personal observation or interaction.

· Reports can also be made based on written communication from the student, either directly to you or indirectly through posts or assignments online.

· You should express a concern when a student is: Struggling with feelings of helplessness; struggling with depression or anxiety that impacts daily living; struggling with basic personal hygiene; making threats to harm self or others.

· If you are unsure whether or not to submit a report, please go ahead and do so. The CARE Team will determine what action (if any) should be taken, including consultation with mental health partners, law enforcement, and/or other University offices.


About the Ohio University Zanesville CARE Team


OHIO Zanesville seeks to provide a safe and secure environment in which students, faculty, and staff can pursue their academic, professional, and personal goals. The purpose of the CARE Team is to employ a two-pronged approach to support emotional and behavioral wellbeing.


1. The CARE Team recognizes that personal wellbeing, supportive communities, adequate self-care, and effective stress management can facilitate healthy coping and success. Therefore, the CARE Team will take an active approach to educating members of the campus community about mental wellness practices and resources available both on and off campus.


2. The CARE Team will ensure a timely and coordinated campus response to those members of the OUZ community whose behavior is disruptive to others or reflects a credible potential for harm to self or others. The CARE Team will utilize existing University policies and procedures with engagement of relevant University offices, reporting systems, departments, or personnel. This CARE Team is an extension and supplement to CARE-related efforts throughout Ohio University.

a. Students’ privacy rights are protected by law and University policy, and will be maintained in accordance with FERPA and HIPPA. If a report is made about a student every effort will be made to protect the identity of the reporter if that is the reporter’s wish.

b. Students with mental health issues or illnesses can succeed at Ohio University Zanesville and every attempt will be made to support this outcome. However, in some cases students may be unable to pursue studies because of their condition.

c. Recognizing that the behavior of individuals can have a profound impact on the community, a balance must be maintained between a desire to support individual students and the safety and well-being of the community.


The Ohio University Zanesville CARE Team is overseen by the campus Dean. The CARE Team serves all members of the campus community, including students, faculty, and staff. Members of the CARE Team include:

  • Hannah Nissen, Dean of Campus and Community Relations
  • Heather Cameron, Accessibility Coordinator
  • Jason Howard, Director of Student Services
  • Teri Peasley, Associate Professor of Instruction in Early Childhood Education
  • Dev Poling, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Leah Vensil, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Social Work