Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Dawn Bikowski, PhD Education, Ohio University

Dr. Bikowski is the Director of English Language Improvement Program in the Department of Linguistics at Ohio University where she directs and teaches Linguistice undergraduate and graduate courses and supervises the administration of the SPEAK test for international teaching assistants.She has conducted research in the areas of academic writing and CALL. Dr. Bikowski can be reached at bikowski@ohio.edu or 593-0102.

Dr. Nancy Manring, PhD Natural Resource Policy and Administration, University of Michigan

Dr. Manring is the Director of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program, and a member of the Master of Science in Environmental Studies (MSES) Program faculty and Advisory Board.Dr. Manring’s teaching interests include environmental and natural resource policy and politics, politics of the environmental movement, environmental and public dispute resolution, the politics of sustainability, and environmental literacy. Dr. Manring can be reached at manring@ohio.edu or 593-4375.

Dr. Julie White, PhD, Political Science University of Wisconsin

Dr. White’s work is primarily in the field of political theory and ethics and public policy.In conjunction with Dr. Tickamyer and Dr. Henderson of Ohio University's Sociology Department and Dr. Tadlock of the Voinovich Center, Dr. White continues to pursue research on welfare policy. With funding from the Joyce Foundation as well as NRI, this working group is currently assessing the impact of welfare reform in rural Ohio. Dr. White can be reached at whitej@ohio.edu or 593-1333.