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Appalachian Watershed Research Group

The Appalachian Watershed Research Group, an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff and students at Ohio University, provide high-quality, applications-based watershed research for the benefit of the region. These research projects are designed to provide students with innovative learning opportunities while also solving complex environmental problems. Core competencies of this group include water chemistry, fish and invertebrate assessment, biomonitoring using periphyton, sediment studies, riparian restoration, and linking data to decision-making tools. The group also provides chemical and biological training for watershed officials, environmental businesses, and state and local government entities. 

  • Watershed research projects provide students an experience that demonstrates teamwork, builds leadership skills, and integrates teaching and learning. 
  • The Appalachian Watershed Research Group has a history of providing technical assistance to watershed professional throughout Appalachia Ohio, primarily focusing on the detrimental impact to streams from resource-extractive industries. 
  • Watershed groups in this area have benefited from Ohio University faculty, staff and student research, water quality data collection and analysis leading to watershed management plans, geographical information systems (GIS) mapping, development and creation of water quality database systems and environmental education materials


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