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Executive MPA Curriculum

Unlike other Master of Public Administration programs, we offer a curriculum built for the real challenges faced by public administrators. You won’t find us teaching a lot of theory. Instead, we focus on building your technical skills in areas like data analysis and program evaluation, while providing customized assessments to turn you into a strategic leader. It’s a new world for public and nonprofit organizations. The Voinovich School Executive MPA program provides graduates with a new framework and strategy to succeed.

Culminating Experience

The culminating experience is a portfolio capturing the student's learning experiences in the program through the submission of select research and professional papers. The portfolio is presented in person or via written submission to a faculty committee.

Typical Executive MPA Courses

*Subject to change

MPA 6200 Foundations of Public Administration 3 credits
MPA 5900 Special Topics Workshop: E-Government 1 credit
MPA 5900 Special Topics Workshop: Public Communications 1 credit
MPA 5900 Special Topics Workshop: Social Justice 1 credit
MPA 5580 Public Sector Program Evaluation 3 credits
MPA 6010 Research Methods in Leadership and Public Affairs 3 credits
MPA 5590 Measuring Outcomes in Public and Non-Profit Organizations 3 credits
MPA 5860 Public Budgeting 3 credits
MPA 5850 Policy Analysis for Public Affairs and Leadership 3 credits
MPA 5900 Special Topics Workshop: Grant Writing 1 credit
MPA 5900 Special Topics Workshop: HR Fundamentals 1 credit
MPA 5900 Special Topics Workshop: Crisis Management 1 credit
MPA 5810 Public Private Partnerships 3 credits
MPA 5140 Organizational Leadership 3 credits
MPA 5890 Non-profit Leadership and Governance 3 credits
MPA 6800 Strategic Leadership and Public Value 3 credits
  Graduate Total Credit Hours 36 credits

2021-2023 Executive MPA 3-Year Calendar [PDF]

  • Advancing Equity in Public Service

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  • 4th Wave Economic Development Strategies

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  • Colleges as Economic & Workforce Development Partners: Collaboration vs. Isolation

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