Simultaneous Membership Programs

Ohio University Army ROTC cadets have the opportunity to attend advanced Army Training such as Airborne and Air Assault School, Mountain Warfare Training and Northern Warfare Training. Guard and Reservists: If you are pursuing your bachelor's degree, the only thing standing in your way of becoming an officer is completing at least the final two years of Army ROTC. However, the longer you participate in ROTC, the better chance you have of getting the Active Duty assignment and branch you want after graduation and commissioning.

Ohio University Army ROTC is a great place to further your military education and career. You can continue to drill with your unit and be part of one of the best Army ROTC programs in the state. This is referred to as the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP).

SMP Procedures

  • Contact Ohio University Army ROTC Admissions Officer for an interview
  • Obtain a letter of acceptance into the SMP program from Guard/Reserve Unit Commander
  • Complete the Medical Qualification Exam through Army ROTC
  • Obtain Assignment Orders from Guard/Reserve Unit into the SMP Program
  • Contract with Army ROTC

SMP Qualifications

  • Junior in academic standing
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Accepted by Ohio University Professor of Military Science and Unit Battalion Commander
  • Pass APFT* (Although a passing score is all that is needed to qualify, excelling at PT is a must for future Army officers)

SMP Benefits

  • $350-$500 Monthly Stipend
  • E-5 Pay for Drill Weekend
  • Second Lieutenant upon Graduation
  • Maintain Guard/Reserve Benefits
  • Still competitive for Active Duty or Guard/Reserve commissioning options
  • Leadership Training