Benefits and Scholarships


Educational Benefits

On top of earning your bachelor's degree at Ohio University, you will also earn 31 credits in military science, leadership, tactics, and interpersonal skills that will set you apart from your fellow students. Bobcat Battalion cadets actually earn a minor in military science. Upon graduation, your resume will immediately set you above and beyond your peers. Every year, the Wall Street Journal surveys corporate human resources executives on the profession from which they would want to hire their new employees, and military officer has been #1 on that list every year.

Financial Benefits

Not only are you learning world-class leadership and management skills with the Bobcat Battalion, but you are also setting yourself up for an exciting and satisfying job, leading and managing some of America's finest young men and women. Whether you decide to go part-time with the Army Reserve or Army National Guard, or full-time as an active duty army officer, your pay and benefits will be extremely competitive. As a young second lieutenant on active duty, you can expect your pay and benefits to top $50,000.00 in just your first year of service. Then, you can expect to be promoted regularly, each promotion bringing in an even bigger paycheck. Benefits include free medical care, free housing, tuition assistance to continue your education, and a meal stipend.


As an Army officer, you will find a plethora of support across America for you and the job that you do. There are tens of millions of Americans strongly standing behind you and all you do for the defense of this nation. In each town and city, organizations such as the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA), The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), the American Legion, AMVETS, and the Military Officers Association (MOAA) are all standing behind our Armed Forces every day of the year, ensuring that you and your Soldiers receive the community support you deserve. By becoming an Army Officer, you are joining a very small fellowship of Americans who have placed service to the nation and to others at the forefront of their priorities. While you're standing up to support the United States of America, there are millions across the country standing up for you.



Scholarship Opportunities for Incoming Students

Ohio University Army ROTC offers a variety of scholarship opportunities. Three- and four-year nationally competitive Cadet Command Scholarships are available for incoming first-year students. The deadline for these scholarships is in early January of the high school senior year.

You can create an account and start your U.S. Army Cadet Command Scholarship application on the Army ROTC webpage.

Scholarship Opportunities for Current College Students

For current college students, there are very limited and competitive availabilities for two- and three-year campus-based scholarships. Army ROTC scholarships cover tuition, $1,200 in books per year, and a monthly tax-free stipend of $300 to $500, depending on the academic year. In addition, Ohio University also provides room grants of $5,427 per year to nationally competitive scholarship recipients and both room and board to the most competitive cadets.

National Guard Scholarship Opportunities

The Ohio Army National Guard offers 100 percent tuition assistance and the U.S. Army Reserve offers $3500/year and full college loan repayment. Both the National Guard and Reserve offer the opportunity for service members to participate in Ohio University’s ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) in order to additionally qualify for the $300 to $500 monthly tax-free cadet stipend. There’s a scholarship plan for every type of student. Call us to find out what option would work best for you.


Ohio University is the only public university in the nation that supports the Army ROTC program with nearly $1 million in incentive funding, providing financial incentives for cadets with strong academic and physical fitness scores. By maintaining a strong GPA and a decent score on the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), a cadet can earn incentives up to their entire room and board costs every semester in which they are a Bobcat Battalion cadet and college student.

Academic Year 22-23 Incentives

Underclassmen Incentives

Enrolled freshman and sophomore cadets beyond their first semester must meet the following criteria to receive incentives:

Tier Semester GPA Incentive Amount
Platinum 3.60-4.00 $4,400
Gold 3.40-3.59 $3,300
Silver 3.20-3.39 $2,600
Bronze 3.00-3.19 $2,200
Tier ACFT Score Incentive Amount
Platinum 575-600 $1,500
Gold 550-574 $1,100
Silver 530-549 $900
Bronze 520-529 $700

Upperclassmen Incentives

Enrolled junior and senior cadets must meet the following criteria to receive incentives:

Tier  Semester GPA Incentive Amount
Platinum 3.60-4.00 $3,300
Gold 3.40-3.59 $2,500
Silver 3.20-3.39 $2,000
Bronze 3.00-3.19 $1,700
Tier ACFT Score Incentive Amount
Platinum 575-600 $1,100
Gold 550-574 $800
Silver 530-549 $700
Bronze  520-529 $600