Army ROTC Alumni

Army ROTC alumni at Peden Stadium

The Ohio University Army Society of Alumni and Friends serves as the bridge for cadets graduating from the program to serving at their first duty station. We exist to provide cadets with the support they need in order to become incredible second lieutenants from day one. To that end, we engage with, and support, Army ROTC cadets in the following ways:

  • Offering scholarships to high performing cadets while they are still in school to keep them out of debt and engaged in the program
  • Serving as mentors to answer questions and provide guidance
  • Creating a community of professionals senior cadets and newly minted second lieutenants can call for support
  • Keeping the torch lit for those who want to support the program that gave so much to us

You can help Ohio University cadets succeed at OHIO and beyond, by giving to the army ROTC endowment fund.

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Alumni Testimonials


“The Bobcat Battalion sets the standard! …A professional and truly motivational group of people all studying and living in the same place. Everyone helps each other as if they are family. I'm lucky to call myself a member of the Bobcat Battalion.”
—Captain Spyro Boursinos, Class of 2016






“Excellence. It's in everything we do at the Bobcat Battalion. Strive for excellent grades, physical fitness, character and the best cadre and friends you could hope for. You won't be the same person when you leave here. You'll be part of a family, an officer in the United States Army and a graduate of Ohio University. I can't think of anything better than that.”
 —Captain Rebecca Drakulic, Class of 2017




Image for Alexandra Hambleton

"The Bobcat Battalion gave me confidence in my ability to accomplish my goals both as a student as well as an officer in training. I was pushed to become my best self in the classroom and in the field. I not only learned core values to take with me and rely on every day, but also to lead by example. I was given constant feedback and advice which allowed me to succeed while on active duty. I became a part of a family that will always be there for me, with or without a uniform on. Looking back, joining the Bobcat Battalion has been my greatest decision so far in life and I couldn't express enough gratitude towards the program." 
—Alexandra Hambleton, Class of 2016, Talent Aquisition Associate at Axios




Jahmir King smiling in his Army dress uniform

"The four years I spent with the Bobcat Battalion were truly life changing. Being a part of the program not only challenged me both physically and mentally. Army ROTC forced to me to constantly develop myself and push myself to be the best version of myself I could possibly be. During my time with Ohio U Army ROTC, I was surrounded by like-minded peers, constantly striving to be the best. The type of officers that come out of this ROTC program make me truly grateful for being a part of the Bobcat Battalion’s extraordinary history and alumni."  —2LT Jahmir King, Class of 2021


Erin Miuri smiling in her Army uniform

“The Ohio University ROTC program gave me friendships that I will have for a lifetime, and mentorship that built me into the woman and leader I am today. The Ohio University ROTC program provided the structure I needed and taught me how to take my academics, physical fitness, and personal goals seriously. I am incredibly thankful to Ohio University for where it has brought me in my life and career so far. I miss Ohio University and the Army ROTC program every day and wish that I could go back. Trying out the Army ROTC program at Ohio University will be an amazing experience and I highly encourage you to give it a shot!”  —Captain Erin Muri, Class of 2017
Erin was the first female combat arms officer ever assigned to the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado




"Bobcat Battalion provided me leadership and management skills that allowed me to step into the Army and be successful. From leading a tank platoon in an Armor battalion in Cold War Europe, commanding a unit in Desert Storm, and commanding units in Operation Joint Endeavor in the Balkans, lessons learned from ROTC at Ohio University served me well. Hoooah!"
—Colonel (Ret) Joe Mulligan, U.S. Army



Image of Jonnierah Smith smiling

"Joining the Bobcat Battalion was one of my best life-changing decisions. They're an organization that taught me discipline, dedication, and self-awareness. By acquiring those skills I was able to grow and become a person I never dreamt was achievable, in both my civilian and military life. The Bobcat Battalion made me want to go outside of my comfort zone.  I am now ‘right at home’ travelling the world and meeting amazing people, many being fellow Bobcat Battalion Alumnus, themselves. This organization taught me that once you're a Bobcat, you're always a Bobcat…and they always have your back." —2LT Jonnierah Smith, Class of 2020



Image of Austin Wyant

“Ohio University Army ROTC gave me the platform for continued success and opportunities in the modern world. There is no other collegial organization that produces the environment that make its graduates stand out amongst the masses. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have enjoyed as an Alumni. I’m a local product of southern Ohio that has been incredibly blessed because of this University and my involvement in Ohio University Army ROTC.” —Captain Austin Wyant, Class of 2014