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Language Placement

Students at Ohio University have many opportunities to study languages and placement options exist for those languages. Students who would like to begin with a new language do not need to take a placement test but should register for the beginning course (E.g.: 1110) during their orientation program. 

Students who have prior experience or speaking ability must take a Language Placement Exam prior to registering for any of the below languages. 

For more information about each department's process for placement testing, scroll down the page or select a language in the table below:

Modern Languages Linguistics International Studies Communication Sciences and Disorders Classics and Religious Studies
French Arabic Akan (Twi) American Sign Language Latin
German Chinese (Mandarin) Wolof   Greek
Italian Japanese  Hindi    
Spanish Swahili Indonesian    

Modern Languages 

Language placement tests for the Department of Modern Languages are available online.  These include French, German, Italian, and Spanish.  Each multiple-choice test will be monitored using a program called Proctortrack.  The test is intended to place you into the appropriate level of a language we offer in our department at OHIO.  If you have no prior knowledge or experience of the language you wish to take, you do not have to take the test.  Simply register for the 1110 level of the language you are interested in.  If you choose to begin at the 1110 level (French, German, Italian, Spanish), once you complete the course, you will not be permitted to take the language placement test in order to skip ahead in the series. 

The process to complete Modern Languages placement tests has a few steps, so we recommend starting the process as soon as possible. We advise you to take the test at least one week before your scheduled BSO date. The process is as follows:

  • Pre-register for the test by emailing cas.undergrad@ohio.edu.

    • Your email MUST be sent from your OHIO email account with the subject line: BSO Language Placement Test request.

    • You should include your PID in the email.

    • Your email should indicate the language you would like to take the test for, as well as include how much experience in the language you have had (how many years in middle school, how many years in high school, how many years at another college, travel abroad including where and how long).
    • Once this pre-registration is complete, you will receive an email with further instructions.
  • Complete the Onboarding Process
    • This process creates a profile within Proctortrack and must be approved before testing can begin.

    • Photo identification will be required for this part of the process. A driver’s license or Passport is recommended. You will need to use the same ID for the Onboarding as you will use for the actual test.
    • Please allow at least two business days for your Onboarding to be reviewed.
  • Take the exam
    • You should allow 20-40 minutes to take the test. The test length varies from student to student.
    • The test can only be taken once.
    • System requirements:
      • The test MUST be taken on a laptop or desktop computer (tablets, Chromebooks, and phones will not work).
      • You must have a working webcam.
      • You must use either Firefox (preferred) or Chrome.
      • You cannot use a computer with multiple screens.
    • When the test is finished, we recommend writing down your score for your own benefit. 
  • Register for language courses
    • Course registration will happen during your BSO program. 

    • Please allow at least one business day for your score to be posted in your Student Center, which will allow you to register for language courses during BSO.

    • However, please note that the score that first appears in your Student Center is tentative, as the video monitoring of your test will not yet be finalized. Review of the video monitoring can take up to 5 days.  If there are any issues flagged during your test, the Department of Modern Languages will contact you and your course registration may need to be adjusted.

If you have any questions, please email cas.undergrad@ohio.edu.  You may also call the College of Arts & Sciences Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs at 740.593.2845. If you need to leave a message, please include your name, PID, and phone number.


Students who have prior speaking or language knowledge of Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese or Swahili should contact the Department of Linguistics for language course placement information. Students who have no prior background in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Swahili, or would like to begin with a new foreign language do not need to take a placement test but should register for the beginning course (E.g.: 1110).  Students wishing to take placement tests should preregister by emailing cas.undergrad@ohio.edu. (Subject line:  Language Placement Test Request). The language placement tests are provided online. For more information, visit the Department of Linguistics Foreign Language website.

International Studies

Students who have prior speaking or language knowledge of Akan (Twi), Wolof, Hindi, Indonesian, Khmer, Malaysian, or Thai should contact the Center for International Studies for language placement testing. To take the test, please call the front desk to make an appointment at 740.593.1840. Please plan for up to one hour to take the written test. The tests will not be graded immediately during orientation, but an advisor will work with the student to place them in the appropriate level after the test is graded. For more information, visit the Center for International Studies website.

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Students, with prior knowledge of ASL, who want to place into ANY level of ASL must start by taking the ASL I test in Blackboard. Students who score 79 or below must take ASL I. Students who score 80 or higher on the test will 1) be eligible to register for ASL II if seats are available; and 2) will have the option to make an appointment to place into a higher level of ASL or test out of ASL completely. To access the Blackboard test students must:

  • Request access from the CSD Faculty member during BSO Class Registration, or
  • Send an email from  their OHIO University student email account (EX: zz000000@ohio.edu) to: Becky Brooks, Coordinator of American Sign Language Series, at  brooksb1@ohio.edu
    • In the subject line enter: ASL I PLACEMENT TEST REQUEST
    • In the body of your email include your
      • Last name, first name
      • ohio.edu email address
      • PID #

The student will be given/sent a link and instructions to access the online test in Blackboard.

Students who have passed the ASL I test with an 80% or better who would like to take a placement test for upper level ASL courses should contact Becky Brooks, Coordinator of American Sign Language Series, at brooksb1@ohio.edu

  • In the subject line enter:  ASL ADVANCED PLACEMENT TEST REQUEST
  • In the body of your email include your
    • Last name, first name
    • ohio.edu email address
    • PID #

Classics and Religious Studies

Students with prior experience in Latin or Greek should contact the Department of Classics and World Religions to schedule a placement test at 740.597.2100.

If you require accommodations for placement testing as a student with a disability, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 740.593.2620 or disabilities@ohio.edu

Placements are not exemptions. Each of the placement tests is designed to identify the course in which a student should begin. A placement does not exempt a student from a required course.