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Placement Testing

Some of the most common questions new students have are about placement tests. At Ohio University there are a few placement requirements of which you should be made aware. All placement tests must be complete before attending BSO. Placements are not exemptions. Each placement test is designed to identify the course in which a student should begin. A placement does not exempt a student from a required course.

Below you will find a list of which majors need to take which placement tests.

Honors Tutorial College

Honors Tutorial College tutorial degree students can find their placement test information on the HTC website. However, students in the OHIO Honors Program should follow the guidelines below and not those on the HTC website. 

By Subject Area

This list assumes you are not transferring credit to Ohio University for a course in that subject area. If you are transferring in credit, or if you have any questions, please check with an academic advisor about placement. Majors are identified as follows:

  • Required - Students must take the test before BSO.
  • Encouraged - Your advisors strongly encourage you to take this placement.
  • Optional - If you are planning to take a course in this subject area, then you may want to take the placement test before participating in BSO.
  • Not on the List - You do not need to take this placement test.


Required  Encouraged Optional
Applied Nutrition; Biological Sciences (All Majors); Chemical Engineering; Chemistry (All Majors); Civil Engineering; Computer Science; Electrical Engineering; Energy Engineering; Environmental and Plant Biology; Exercise Physiology; Mechanical Engineering; Nutrition Science; Physical Science (Teacher Education); Physics (Meteorology); Psychology (Pre-Physical Therapy); Undecided Engineering; University College (Intending Engineering) Environmental Geography; Environmental Geology; Environmental Sciences and Sustainability; Geography (Meteorology); Geological Sciences (B.S.); Undecided Health Science and Professions  Applied Plant Biology; Field Ecology; Geological Sciences (B.A.); Industrial Systems Engineering

Chemistry Placement

Computer Science

Required  Optional
Computer Science; Electrical Engineering (w/Computer Eng. Track) Electrical Engineering; Geographic Information Science; Mathematics (All Majors); Undecided Engineering; University College (Intending Engineering)

Please note: only one attempt is permitted for this exam.

Computer Science Placement 

Language Placement

Required  Encouraged Optional

College of Arts and Sciences (All Majors); Patton College of Education (French and Spanish)

College of Fine Arts (All Majors); Center for International Studies (All Majors); International Business Journalism; College of Health Science and Professions (All Majors); University College (All Majors)

Unsure of the College your major is housed within?  Use this page to search for your major: https://www.ohio.edu/majors.

Language Placement

Music Theory

This placement is required of all majors within the School of Music in the College of Fine Arts. Students studying Musical Theater are not required to take this exam. 

Music Theory Placement


Placement in math is based on your ACT/SAT scores and/or high school GPA. Your assigned placement level is based on data about how Ohio University students succeed in our math courses. Your advisor will help you select an appropriate course during your BSO program based on this placement level. More information about the placement levels and frequently asked questions can be found at the link below.

Math Placement