Relocate Students

Relocating to the Athens Campus from a Regional Campus

You are a relocating student if you are currently attending one of Ohio University’s regional campuses and wish to attend the Athens campus. Relocation is possible for any semester, though you must have earned at least 12 credit hours of coursework that is not developmental or remedial on the regional campus with a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA to be eligible for relocation. Students who have earned fewer than 12 credit hours at a regional campus will be subject to Athens campus admission guidelines. Contact the student services office on your regional campus for additional information. 

If you are planning to relocate, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Plan for Changes in Cost and Financial Aid

Since the cost of attendance on the Athens campus will be different and your current financial aid package may be impacted by relocating, we recommend that you talk with Financial Aid at your regional campus regarding paying for your education. It is important to have this conversation early in the process to make a more informed decision about the timeline of when to complete your relocation to Athens. Regional campus financial aid contacts can be found here:

Step 2: Inform Housing and Residence Life and Make a Housing Plan

Ohio University requires that all first- and second-year students reside on campus and participate in a meal plan for two academic years (4 semesters). In most cases this period comprises the freshmen and sophomore years at OHIO.

  • All relocating students, should complete the Notice of Relocation to the Athens Campus form. This will inform the Housing and Residence life staff of your plans to relocate to Athens. Students are encouraged to complete this form as soon as possible. 
  • Consideration for housing exemption is given for those relocating students who can demonstrate two full years attending an accredited institution of higher education after high school graduation. Credit towards exemption eligibility from the housing requirement will not be given for college study completed while attending high school. Other exceptions to the rule requiring on-campus housing exist for commuters, students 23 years of age and older, military veterans, and other categories. Students wishing to be exempted from university housing and/or meal plan must submit a housing exemption request form for review and approval.

Step 3: Get Advised for Athens Campus Major

You can get advised by participating in Relocate Advising Day or by contacting your academic college directly.

Relocate Advising Day

Students relocating to the Athens campus from a regional campus are encouraged to attend Relocate Advising Day. This event will feature individual advising appointments with an academic advisor in your intended major on the Athens campus. Students will also be able to register for classes before all other Ohio University students by participating.

Students interested in relocating should meet the above requirements before attending Relocate Advising Day. If you are currently on academic or transfer probation, you are not eligible to attend Relocate Advising Day. Students who cannot attend should contact their college to for advising and register for Athens campus classes during their regular advising time.

The next Relocate Advising Day for students relocating in Spring 2024 will be Friday, October 27, and students can sign-up by using the link below. Students must sign-up by Sunday, October 22.

The program will begin with a required welcome session starting at 9:00 am. Advising appointments during this program will happen virtually between 9:30 am and 5 pm and will be scheduled by Bobcat Student Orientation staff. While every effort will be made to schedule your appointment based on the information provided during sign-up, specific appointment times cannot be guaranteed. Final appointment times will be shared with students by a couple days before the scheduled event. In order to participate in this program and take advantage of the early course registration, you must be available for a required welcome session and a virtual advising appointment on the day of the program.


Sign Up for Relocate Advising Day

Athens Campus Advising Contacts

If you have academic questions about relocating or your major, please contact your college:

Step 4: Plan for Getting Around the Athens Campus

You should contact Transportation and Parking Services for questions about parking permits for campus, whether commuting or living on campus. There are also a number of transit options that you should explore and more details about those options on their website.