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Regional Campus Students

Regional campus students do not participate in orientation on the Athens campus and should contact the people below with questions about the orientation process on their regional campus.

Campus Contact Person

Email Address

Phone Number
Chillicothe Ashlee Tatman tatman@ohio.edu  740-774-7733
Eastern Jennifer Kellner-Muscar kellner@ohio.edu 740-599-2347
Lancaster Phyllis Lanier hughesp@ohio.edu 740-681-3324
Southern  Robert Pleasant pleasanr@ohio.edu 740-533-4600
Zanesville Jason Howard howardj2@ohio.edu  740-588-1439

If you are currently an Ohio University student on a regional campus and you are relocating to the Athens campus, see details about relocating students for information about the process to relocate and our programs available to assist in your transition.