Bobcat Breakthroughs

Bobcat Breakthroughs is an academic support program for students who have either (1) been academically dismissed from OHIO and readmitted OR (2) have been on academic probation for more than one semester. Participation is either recommended or required, as determined by the student’s College. A student’s Success Advisor or Assistant Dean of their College will notify the student as to whether their participation in Bobcat Breakthroughs is recommended or required. 

Students enrolled in Bobcat Breakthroughs are required to attend weekly meetings with an Academic Coach in the Academic Achievement Center at no additional cost. Meetings follow a set curriculum addressing time management, organization, communication with faculty, and other academic difficulties. During these meetings with an Academic Coach, students can also be connected with additional support resources such as tutoring or writing coaching, as well as resources outside of the Academic Achievement Center. Students can also receive support in any academic area that they wish to address, such as test anxiety, study skills, or accessing academic resources.

Enroll a Student in Bobcat Breakthroughs

How Does Bobcat Breakthroughs Work?

Students who are required or recommended to participate in Bobcat Breakthroughs must sign their college reinstatement contracts. The terms of the contract include participation in the Bobcat Breakthroughs program. These students are assigned to an Academic Coach and must sign a Bobcat Breakthroughs contract. 

The Assistant Director of Academic Coaching provides weekly reports of student meetings to the student’s Assistant Dean and/or Success Advisor. Students participate in Bobcat Breakthroughs for only one semester. At the end of the semester, depending on academic performance, students are removed from academic probation, continued on academic probation, or academically dismissed. Please reference Academic Probation 101 for more information on Academic Probation at OHIO.