Academic Coaching

In the Academic Achievement Center, academic coaches work one-on-one with you to help you develop better study skills and to improve time management habits, motivation, organizational habits, reading comprehension, and more.  

Hundreds of OHIO students meet with academic coaches when they find themselves procrastinating on assignments, feeling unmotivated to attend class or complete assignments, struggling with test anxiety, or if they just need some general academic support. 

Academic coaches are OHIO students just like you, and they can help you become your best academic self. Sign up today if you want help in any of these areas: 

  • Time management and procrastination  
  • Notetaking strategies
  • Setting goals
  • Motivation to complete assignments
  • Communicating with professors 
  • Motivation to attend classes
  • Test anxiety


Appointments are made through TracCloud, a web-based management system that allows you to search for and book appointments.

You may request an online or in-person (Athens campus) meeting with an academic coach.  

You can also schedule your academic coaching meeting by:  

  • Stopping by the Academic Achievement Center, located in Alden Library 230 
  • Calling the Academic Achievement Center at 740.593.2644 
  • Emailing 

Meet Your Academic Coaches

Counselor Education Program
Jennifer Baldwin

Jennifer Baldwin is a graduate student in the Counselor Education program at Ohio University. She also holds a master's degree in special education and a bachelor's degree in psychology. She enjoys connecting with and supporting students from all walks of life and with a variety of educational needs. Being a perpetual learner herself, she finds working with college students especially interesting. She brings a holistic approach to Academic Coaching. 

Integrated Social Studies
Arthur Bargainer

Arthur is a second-year Integrated Social Studies major within the Patton College of Education. He enjoys working with students because he enjoys the relationships he builds and helping them grow as people. In his free time, Arthur likes to read and binge watch any tv show he can find.

Clinical and Educational Counseling Cohorts
Hope Briles

Hope Diehl (Briles) is a first-year graduate student in both the Clinical and Educational Counseling cohorts. Her favorite pastime is watching movies and TV shows with her husband. She enjoys teaching students new ways of planning out their coursework paths and finding the best solutions to make their college experience smoother.

Clinical Mental Health Counselor Education
Ally Burrington

Ally Burrington is a first-year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counselor Education master’s program. They graduated with their bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mercyhurst University with a minor in Spanish language. They love to help students realize their academic potential and learn how to study efficiently, organize their time, and learn as much as they can! Ally has worked as a tutor since 2018 and has experience working with a wide variety of people. They are excited to start their time as an Academic Coach!

Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Haley Carlson

Haley Carlson is majoring in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences. She loves working with others and is excited to help fellow students with their academic success. She hopes to create a comfortable environment for everyone who meets with her.

Environmental Biology
Brenna Chaya

Brenna Chaya is a senior majoring in Environmental Biology and minoring in geography and business administration. Brenna is also a learning community leader on campus and enjoys working with students because it is fulfilling to help students create the path to reach their goals.

Fine Arts
Sabrina Day

Sabrina Day is a Fine Arts major with a concentration in Art Therapy and Printmaking and a minor in Psychology. As an Academic Coach, Sabrina enjoys building connections with students and helping them discover new ways to succeed at OHIO. She loves coming up with new strategies for students that align with their strengths and interests. In addition to Academic Coaching, Sabrina enjoys movie nights with friends, ice cream, and drawing. She hopes everyone will check out Academic Coaching and everything the AAC has to offer!

Kiley Ehlers

Kiley Ehlers is currently a junior studying Nursing. What she enjoys most about working with students is seeing how much they progress throughout the semester. She also loves to see how much students grow in their confidence with school. Kiley’s dream is to work with Nurses Without Borders and travel to different countries helping those who don’t have access to medicine.

Sociology Pre-Law
Cara Finnegan

Cara Finnegan (she/her) is a junior studying Sociology Pre-Law in the Honors Tutorial College. She is also a Communications minor and is pursuing a certificate in Law, Justice, and Culture. Cara is very involved on campus as a student-journalist, CSLS Board member, a member of the Delta Zeta sorority, and more. She enjoys being an Academic Coach because she loves helping students learn the skills they need to be successful at OHIO!

Margaret Fox

Margaret Fox is a senior studying Journalism on the Strategic Communication track with a minor in Business Analytics. Her favorite part about being an Academic Coach is working with students throughout the semester and watching them learn, grow, and gain confidence in their academics. Outside of Academic Coaching, Margaret is a marketing intern with Siemens Software and the VP of Finance for Scripps PRSSA. She also enjoys going to the gym, reading thriller and fantasy novels, and visiting new coffeeshops and restaurants.

Political Science Pre-law
Eva Grace

Eva Grace (she/her) is a third-year Political Science Pre-law student. She is also pursuing a minor in Social Service and a Certificate of Law, Justice, and Culture. Eva is passionate about helping her community and is looking forward to supporting her peers as an Academic Coach in the AAC. Eva also loves outdoor activities like hiking and stargazing, as well as participating in student organization like Phi Alpha Delta and Political Science Majors Association.

Forensic Chemistry
Sydney Gross

Sydney Gross is a second-year Forensic Chemistry major, and she is very excited to be an Academic Coach this year. She loves helping with time management skills and planning of any kind! She is a first-gen student who loves Smoothie Moves in Boyd Market and is excited to get started in the Academic Achievement Center.

Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
Olivia Hutchison

Olivia Hutchison is a senior majoring in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences. One thing she enjoys about working with students is being able to help others obtain the best educational success possible and provide ways to get there! 

Exercise Physiology
Carmen King

Carmen King is a second-year student at Ohio University studying Exercise Physiology with a Biology minor. She plays club soccer, and she loves walking the shelter dogs and watching Grey's Anatomy. Carmen is most excited to make connections with other students and share tricks and tips for success! 

Journalism: News and Information
Grace Koennecke

Grace Koennecke is a junior majoring in Journalism: News and Information through the Honors Tutorial College. She enjoys working with students because of her love for helping others, as well as seeing the smiles on students' faces when they begin to make progress at the AAC! Grace also likes getting to know students as well. When not in the AAC, she can be found writing and editing for multiple publications on campus, including The Post, ACRN, and Backdrop Magazine!

AYA Integrated Language Arts
Clara Leder

Clara is an AYA Integrated Language Arts major. She hopes to teach middle or high school Language Arts one day. Clara loves to work with students because of her passion for helping others and is excited to make connections with students in the AAC. Finding new ways to learn as well as making education accessible for all is very important to Clara. She is excited to get to know her students and help them to feel comfortable and confident!

College Student Personnel
Abraham Loorig

Abraham Loorig is a second-year graduate student at the Patton College of Education. He is pursuing a master’s degree in College Student Personnel. Abraham is also a published author and a passionate advocate and supporter of students; he has served many Ohio University students in areas such as time management, staying motivated to complete tasks, tracking assignments, and overcoming test anxiety, among others. His favorite part of working with students is getting the opportunity to support them through a difficult semester and encouraging them to be their best selves.

Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald is a junior and a second-year nursing student. He enjoys observing the results of students' growth throughout the duration of their Academic Coaching sessions. He is extremely excited to have a great semester with new students.

Psychology; Child and Family Studies
Annika McKinney

Annika McKinney is beginning her junior year in Fall 2023. She is double majoring in Psychology and Child and Family Studies. She loves working with students because she knows how hard college can be, and she likes to help relieve that stress off students’ shoulders! 

Engineering Technology and Management
Hannah Prante

Hannah Prante is majoring in Engineering Technology and Management. Working with fellow students is an awesome experience because of how one can relate to the situations, the problems, and the upsides, as well. She is working to be her best as an Academic Coach, and she’s looking forward to helping students while also learning in this process. 

English and Communication Double Major
Kaela Ricket

Kaela Ricket is an English major and a Communications major. She enjoys working with students and helping create organizational plans and develop study skills. Kaela loves to run in her free time and spend time reading outside!

Music Therapy
Savanna Rion

Savanna Rion is a second-year Music Therapy major. She transferred to OHIO after successfully achieving her associate degree in music at Sinclair Community College. She is primarily looking forward to helping students feel comfortable in finding their own pathways to achieving academic and personal success at the Academic Achievement Center. She is also very passionate about discovering new ways to make learning accessible for all. In her free time, Savanna enjoys hiking, playing video games, reading, and playing a wide variety of different instruments.

Psychology/Pre-Physical Therapy
Jessica Sexton

Jessica Sexton is a Psychology/Pre-Physical Therapy major. She enjoys working with students because she finds it rewarding to help others through passing on academic knowledge that can better their college career and give them a better, less stressful overall experience.

AYA Integrated Language Arts
Erin Smith

Erin Smith is a senior at Ohio University. She is studying AYA Integrated Language Arts and is hoping to teach Language Arts in high school or middle school. This is her fourth semester as an Academic Coach. Erin's favorite part of the job is working with students. Getting to meet new students and help them adjust to college and classes are the reasons she became an Academic Coach.

Hearing and Speech Language Sciences
Anna Spence

Anna Spence is a Hearing and Speech Language Sciences major who loves seeing students meet their full potential! She enjoys spending her free time with friends and family, as well as reading and watching documentaries. She is excited to help Ohio University students thrive in their classes and feel confident in themselves and their work.

Kara Switala

Kara Switala is a third-year Communications major with a minor in PR & Advertising. Kara's favorite part about working with students is having the opportunity to help her peers and finding a new way to problem-solve each day. Kara enjoys seeing her students leave the appointment feeling relieved and confident to take on new challenges.

English - Creative Writing
Lily Wissler

Lily Wissler (she/her) is studying English - Creative Writing. She looks forward to helping her peers make personalized study plans! 

Master of Science in Journalism
Chin Wai (Rosie) Wong

Chin Wai (Rosie) Wong is a student in the Master of Science in Journalism program at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. She is delighted to join the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) as an Academic Coach in Fall 2023. Rosie has experience working with students on public speaking and English as a foreign language, and with teachers on class planning and assignment reviews. She is also skilled in academic and professional advising, as well as guiding students as they go through different phases in their life. Rosie values the time she spends with students and learns about their background and educational needs. She looks forward to supporting students in their academic pursuits and working with staff members and other mentors at the AAC.

Computer Science
Izaak White

Izaak White is a Computer Science major in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. He looks forward to leveraging his ongoing education to guide fellow students through their academic journey. Izaak is eager to contribute to the success of his peers and make a positive impact.

What's Academic Coaching vs. Peer Tutoring?

Our amazing student tutors created this helpful video explain the difference between academic coaching and peer tutoring. Need help? Drop by or make an appointment with the Academic Achievement Center.