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Syllabus Statement

Faculty, please feel free to include the below text in your syllabus.

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) provides free tutoring appointments that empower students to achieve independent academic success. Students meet with peer tutors to review principles, learn content-specific study strategies, and enhance content area knowledge in historically difficult courses across many disciplines. Writing tutors provide assistance at any point during the writing process. Online tutoring appointments are available beginning the second week of classes. Students can make weekly or one-time appointments on the same day or in advance. For more information, the latest updates, and to use TutorTrac, visit the Academic Achievement Center's website

To make the most of your tutoring session:

  • Meet with a tutor early in the semester. Do not procrastinate. Tutors have limited appointments and are booked quickly; particularly during mid-terms and finals.
  • Be prepared with your textbooks, notes, and specific questions concerning the material.
  • Tutors are not teachers. They will not "lecture" or "re-teach." They do not replace a missed class. If you miss class, make sure you get notes from a classmate and meet with your professor during office hours.
  • Cancel your appointments in a timely manner. If you can't make a session, cancel your appointment 8 hours in advance on TutorTrac. A session that is not canceled prevents another student from booking that appointment and leaves the tutor waiting for you.