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About the Academic Achievement Center

At the Academic Achievement Center, we have one goal: to help you succeed.

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) supports Ohio students, faculty and staff with academic programming and services designed to facilitate student persistence and achievement of academic goals, empowering students to be independent and successful learners as they progress towards degree completion.

Embedded in the University’s vision, the AAC strives to provide world-class support services that enhance transformative learning to our future global leaders. In the AAC we help make college success a reality through providing resources designed to help our students develop excellent academic skills while advocating for their personal growth and development.


Alden Library 230


Image for Jen Beckley
Jen Beckley
Coordinator of Tutoring
Kristin Distel
Kristin Distel
Coordinator of Academic Coaching
Image for Elizabeth Fallon
Elizabeth Fallon
Director for Academic Assistance
Alden Library 230
Image for David Haugen
David Haugen
Student Writing Center Coordinator
Alden Library 230
Image for Kerri Yake
Kerri Yake
Administrative Services Associate
Alden Library 230