Homework Hubs

Students are invited to attend Homework Hubs to work together with the support of trained tutors. Tutors staffing the hubs can provide general support for questions during the days and times listed. If additional support is needed, tutors can also assist students in locating a one-on-one or small group session for a later date.

Course Coverage may vary by day & time. Please use the TracCloud Search for daily schedule updates and additional details (drop-in Homework Hub sessions will be marked blue).

Accounting Homework Hub is in a NEW LOCATION starting 10/9/2023 - Ellis 003!

 Homework Hubs Schedule

Subject Courses Days & Times Location
Accounting ACCT 1010
ACCT 1020
QBA 1720
QBA 2720

MON 5-8pm
TUES 5-9pm
WED 5-9pm
THUR 6-9pm

Ellis 003

Biological Sciences BIOS 1010
BIOS 1030
BIOS 1300
BIOS 1700
BIOS 1710
BIOS 2210
BIOS 3010
BIOS 3100

MON 5-9pm
WED 5-9pm
THUR 5-9pm

Grover W113
CHEM 1205
CHEM 1210
CHEM 1220
CHEM 1500
CHEM 1510
CHEM 1520
CHEM 3010
CHEM 3050
CHEM 3060
MON 5-7pm, 8-9pm
WED 5-9pm
THUR 5-9pm
SUN 5-9pm
Gordy 301
General MATH
PHYS 2050 Series
MON 2-8pm
TUES 3-6pm
WED 5-9pm
THURS 3-6pm
SUN 5-7pm
Stocker 133
MATH 1060
MATH 1101
MATH 1200
MATH 1300
MATH 1350
MATH 1500
MATH 2301
MATH 2302
MATH 3200
MON 3-6pm, 7-9pm
TUES 3-5pm, 6-8pm
WED 3-9pm
THUR 3-8pm
SUN 3-7pm
Morton 415
Physics PHYS 2001 WED 5:30-8pm
THURS 5:30-8pm
Gordy 311
PSY 1110
PSY 2110
MON 5-8pm
TUES 5-8pm
WED 5-8pm
SUN 5-9pm
Gordy 309
Spanish SPAN 1110
SPAN 1120
MON 6-8pm
TUES 6-9pm
WED 5-8pm
THUR 4-8pm
SUN 5-9pm
Gordy 310