Policies and FAQ's


At Ohio University, a conference consists of: a multi-day experience with at least one overnight component either on or off campus, utilizes multiple venues including major event and/or classroom space and utilizes multiple campus services.

Internal and External Campus Partners

Internal Campus Partner

Internal Campus Partners are determined by billing. If Conference Services is billing an internal account number the conference will receive internal rates and abide by the reservation schedule. Internal campus partners are charged a 10% conference fee, which is added to the final invoice.

External Client

External clients are determined by billing. External clients must provide a billing address. They have the opportunity to secure space in advance, outside of the university reservation schedule with the discretion of the Conference Services Director. External clients are charged a 15% conference fee, which is added to the final invoice.

Service Animals

Ohio University is committed to granting reasonable accommodations to its rules, policies, practices, or services when such accommodations may be necessary to afford people with disabilities an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their dwellings, as required by federal, state and local law. A reasonable accommodation may include a change or exception to a rule or policy that is needed because of a person’s disability, or it may be a physical change to a unit or common area. 

Ohio University’s Animal Policy prohibits pets and other animals on campus, except under certain specified circumstances. Among those exceptions are service animals, service animals in training, assistance animals, therapy dogs, and police dogs.

Conference & Event Services requires Individuals bringing a service dog to contact our office (conferences@ohio.edu or 740.593.4020) before their event.

Accommodations for Gender Neutral participants

Conference Services will work directly with the conference coordinator or director to determine the best accommodations to support the participant. Conference Services will work with the conference director to obtain parental or guardian consent if housing accommodations involve minors. Ohio University focuses on creating an inclusive environment where guests can live in the same room - regardless of sex, gender, gender identity/expression, or sexual orientation.


All food and beverages served on the Ohio University campus or at university-sponsored events will be provided by Ohio University catering services, unless an exemption has been granted as described in this policy. Catering services has the management responsibility to uphold the quality standards for events associated with Ohio University and to limit the risk associated with all food services provided to the Ohio University community and its guests.

This policy applies to all events in dining halls, and to those events in Baker University Center and in other locations, for which the cost of catering services exceeds $250. This limit applies to the complete food service needs of an event; neither pyramiding (i.e., dividing one purchase into two or more from the same vendor) nor subdividing between vendors may be used to stay within this limit. (For example, to be exempt, a multi-day, multi-venue conference's total catering budget must fall below the limit, not just the services provided at each particular location and time; regularly scheduled, recurring events, such as weekly colloquia, are each to be treated as a separate event.)

If a meal exemption is requested, the meal and date must be submitted to our office 30 days prior to your event. According to Ohio University policy 47-015, an exemption form and permit must be filled out and submitted to Ohio University Culinary Services and Ohio University Environmental Health and Safety at least 30 days prior to the arrival date.  At this point the user will work directly with Ohio University Culinary Services to complete the exemption process. 

Review the Catering Policy and Catering Exemption Request Form [PDF] for more information.

Parking and Transportation

Parking arrangements must be made and approved at least 14 days prior to an event. Some parking lots and/or facilities may be offline to support other events in the immediate area. The parking passes provided to the conference, shall not be valid for use by any University students, employees or faculty.

If parking or transportation information is not communicated at least 14 days before your event, we cannot guarantee services.

Minors on Campus Policy

For more information regarding minors on campus policy and procedures, visit OHIO's Minors on Campus page.