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Honors and Scholars Resources

Ohio University attracts some of the nation's brightest students and most dedicated faculty. High-ability students seeking a challenge in their undergraduate education will find a vibrant academic community and rich opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.




Opportunities for Ohio University Honors & Scholars

Housing Options: Recently renovated Read and Johnson Halls have been specially designated for recipients of Ohio University most prestigious scholarships and students in the Honors Tutorial College students.  

Learning Communities (LCs): Learning Communities (LCs) give first-year students all the advantages of a small college atmosphere while providing the opportunities of Ohio University's large campus culture. Students in these communities take classes in common, get to know each other quickly, form study groups, and participate in out-of-class activities. 

Special Opportunities: High-ability students at Ohio University can enrich their education by participating in programs like Education Abroad and the Global Leadership Center.  

Student Activities: The most successful honors and scholars students at Ohio University are actively involved in meaningful extracurricular activities. Offering more than 400 student organizations, Division I athletics, and an energetic student government, Ohio University provides a college experience that continues beyond the classroom.

Undergraduate Research: OHIO encourages interested undergraduate students to participate in research and creative activity. Each spring, students may showcase their projects at the Student Research and Creativity Expo. They may also apply for funding from the Provost's Undergraduate Research Award and the Student Enhancement Award. Many students also assist faculty with their research and creative activity, working in labs and studios across campus.