Cutler Scholar Experience

The Cutler Scholars Program offers individualized enrichment experiences, mentoring, intellectual community, and personal and professional development experiences to enhance their leadership skills. Students reside, study, and play together, forming a vibrant community of learners with a wide variety of interests and a shared commitment to doing good in the world.

Key components to the Cutler Scholar Experience 


Cutler Colloquium is a weekly seminar that challenges scholars to engage in civil debate about major social issues and trains them to think critically and collaborate with people in other academic fields.

“Through the colloquia, I learned how to think for myself by watching others think for themselves. I see now that there are many ways to think about an issue, that objective and subjective reasoning shape our lives.” - Charlee Cobb (Bush Cutler Scholar ’18)

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Enrichment Experiences

Cutler Scholars receive additional funding to support four enrichment experiences, one associated with each school year.

“The issue I was passionate about – gender equality through education – was a tough topic to tackle both ethically and practically. The Cutler Scholars Program helped me develop an internship to pursue an issue I care about.” Abbey Marhsall (Wood ‘2020)

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Cutler Scholars are invited into a community of collaboration from orientation to graduation. They have unique opportunities to connect with staff and faculty and interface with one another.

“Just this year, I have learned about the art of hunting and tagging ducks from a friend from Rutland, queer fashion from a friend from Cincinnati, and microbes from my roommate from Greenfield. Curious, ambitious students empower one another and the passion for learning never fades in the Cutler Scholars Program.” Emily Gayton (A.L. Konneker ‘2021)

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