The Qualities of a Cutler Scholar

Cutler Scholars are not simply high-promise students with good grades. They also have a record of positively impacting their communities through engagement, service, and leadership. Applicants must demonstrate potential and commitment to lifelong growth in four areas: intellectual curiosity, leadership, civic responsibility, and character.

Intellectual Curiosity

Cutler Scholars’ curiosity about the world and how to make it better helps define their ambitions. They are interested in an intellectually rigorous college experience, inside and outside of the classroom.


Cutler Scholars envision, enable and energize. They take initiative for the common good rather than individual glory.

Civic Responsibility

Cutler Scholars act on their responsibility to the larger community and use their talents to make a positive difference in the world.


Cutler Scholars make ethical decisions based on well-reasoned principles. They are self-aware, empathetic, persistent, and humble.

Becoming a Cutler Scholar


Students must be freshman applicants to Ohio University and satisfy either geographic or discipline eligibility requirements.

Geographic Awards: A student must attend or hold a degree from one of the eligible high schools.

Discipline Awards:  A student must apply to one of the eligible academic disciplines at OHIO. Selection for a Cutler Scholar Award is contingent on admission to an eligible program of study.

The Cutler Scholars Program encourages any eligible student with strong intellectual curiosity and a demonstrated commitment to community engagement to apply. We do not consider standardized test scores in our selection process. Additionally, there is no minimum GPA required to apply, though successful applicants historically have possessed a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or greater on a 4.0 scale.



Eligible students can apply to the Cutler Scholars Program by completing the Ohio University Application for Admission and Scholarships via the Common Application. Students interested in Cutler Scholars should be sure that they opt into consideration for the OHIO Honors Program when completing the Common Application. Students whose application and supporting materials meet Cutler eligibility requirements will be sent a supplemental application after they have submitted the Common Application. Students should respond to the supplemental application as instructed. Students also will be considered for the OHIO Honors Program and any OHIO Honors-designated programs where eligibility requirements are met.

For best consideration, students should submit a full and complete Common Application by the November 15 early action deadline, including the activities section and at least one personal essay. Eligible students will be contacted via e-mail and asked to submit additional materials later, including responses to both of the following essay prompts: 

  1. Reflect on a service activity or other efforts you’ve undertaken to contribute to your community or communities. Your actions might involve individual service, a group project, or substantial activities to support your family, such as employment or caring for a sick relative. What did you learn about yourself and your community? What did you learn about how society functions more generally? (Limit 250 words) 
  2. What qualities are most important when practicing leadership? How have you tried to model these qualities when working with others? What opportunities are you interested in seeking out to develop new qualities of leadership? (Limit 250 words) 



Cutler Scholars Program staff and alumni review all applications and select award finalists. Finalists will be notified and invited for virtual interviews which typically occur in late January and early February. 

All Cutler Scholar Award finalists are automatically admitted into the OHIO Honors Program, unless they have earned admission to the Honors Tutorial College.


Finalists are notified of their selection status by late March. Those selected for awards have until May 1 to accept their Cutler Scholar Award and secure their position in the Cutler Scholars Program.


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