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DRAFT Administration Policy and Procedure

40.075:  Adoption Benefits

Status:Approved on September 16, 2013Signatures and dates
on archival copy
Effective:when approved 
Initiated by:Paul Sundberg
Interim Chief Human Resource Officer
Endorsed by:Pam Benoit
Executive Vice President and Provost
Approved by:Roderick J. McDavis

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I.   Overview

The university provides the below benefits in support of faculty and administrative, classified and FOP staff pursuing adoption of minor children.

II.   Eligibility

Faculty, Administrators, non-bargaining-unit Classified Staff, and FOP members eligible for health and life benefits, as defined by Policies 40.013 and 41.010 and policies they reference, are eligible for adoption benefits.

III.   Benefit Description

The Adoption Benefit Plan will reimburse eligible employees up to $5,000 per child for eligible adoption-related expenses upon placement of a minor child in the employee’s home.

If two adopting parents of the same adopted child are both eligible for adoption assistance, the total maximum benefit amount for that adoption is $5,000.

Adoptions made through public, private, domestic, international, and independent means are eligible. The adopted child must be under the age of 18.

IV.   Applying for Adoption Benefits

Employees should complete and submit the Adoption Benefit Form to Human Resources. Receipts for expenses are required for approval and reimbursement.

V.   Payment and Taxation of Adoption Benefits

Adoption benefits are taxable income. Human Resources will review and approve your Adoption Benefit form and expenses and receipts. Upon approval, the adoption benefit will be paid in the next regularly scheduled pay check. Employees may be eligible for an income tax credit for adoption benefits. Consult a tax advisor for details.

VI.   Eligible Expenses

  • Legal fees and court costs

  • Adoption agency and placement fees

  • Required medical expenses for the child prior to adoption (including immunizations)

  • Immigration fees

  • Translation services

  • Transportation expenses including lodging expenses

VII.   Ineligible Expenses

  • Medical examination fees for adopting parents

  • Cost of personal items such as clothing and food for either the parents or the child

  • Expenses incurred prior to eligibility for the program

  • Expenses for the adoption of a spouse or domestic partner's child

  • Expenses related to a surrogate parenting arrangement


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Deans

  2. Faculty Senate

  3. Administrative Senate

  4. Classified Senate

Forms, References, and History

A.   Forms

The following forms are specific to this policy:

  1. The Adoption Benefit Form is available online, linked through http://www.ohio.edu/hr/forms/, or from University Human Resources.

B.   References

The following items are relevant to this policy:

  1. Pilot Parental Leave Program.

  2. Policy 40.013, "Domestic Partner Benefits."

  3. Policy 41.010, "Benefits for Administrative Presidential Appointees."

C.   History

Draft versions of this policy that were circulated for review, their cover memos, their forms, and Reviewers' comments on them are available on the password-protected Review site, at https://www.ohio.edu/policy2/40-075/.

This is a proposed new policy, no prior versions of this policy were approved.

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