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Criminology and Pre-Law

Online Bachelor of Sociology

Get Your Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology Online

Ohio University offers two bachelor’s degrees in sociology fully online. The flexible format lets you maximize your work-life balance by taking fully online courses taught by OHIO’s top faculty accompanied by the support you need to earn your degree online.

The Sociology–Criminology B.A. features sociological approaches to criminology including the study of criminal institutions, crime prevention, and how societies view, define, and react to deviance and crime.

The Sociology Pre-Law B.A. prepares students to work with diverse populations and understand the social and legal processes and institutions through which individuals, families, and communities receive justice in multicultural societies.

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What courses will you take?

Explore subjects like sociology of the family, sociology of work and organizations, sociological research and writing, social inequalities and stratification, and other relevant areas of study.

Sociology-Criminology course list

Sociology-Prelaw course list

Transferring Credits

The Bachelor of Arts Sociology-Criminology and Prelaw degrees are available fully online with no previous college coursework required, however, for students who have completed an associate degree, you can learn more about transferring those credits towards this degree.

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Which Sociology Degree Fits Your Career Plans?

  • Students have access to the same nationally recognized scholars in sociology, sociology-criminology, and law in society.
  • Students also have access to student advising, career advising, and internship opportunities.

OHIO’s sociology degrees provide students with a comprehensive understanding of society and the human experience.

Sociology-criminology graduates are qualified for a wide range of careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, including community justice organizations, corrections, courts, data analysis, education, federal law enforcement, fraud prevention, homeland security, juvenile justice, offender rehabilitation, and victim advocate agencies.

The Sociology Pre-Law degree offers preparation for career opportunities in law and law-related fields. Students can pursue careers in government, public service professions, community justice, mediation, social justice organizations, public policy institutes, criminal justice organizations, court administration, offender rehabilitation, and prisoner reentry programs.

Read more about career options for each of OHIO’s sociology programs.

Flexible Online Format

With asynchronous coursework and flexible advising, students can complete their degree on their own schedule. Take a full load and finish the degree in four semesters, or pace your courses to fit your life and career.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to the program as a freshman applicant requires successful attainment of a high school diploma, state-recognized high school equivalent or GED.
  • Transfer applicants must have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher from all institutions previously attended to be considered for admission. If you have completed fewer than 20 semester hours or 30 quarter hours of university or college coursework, you must also submit your high school transcript for evaluation.

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More about OHIO’s Sociology Degrees

Ohio University offers three bachelor’s degrees in sociology with flexibility to take courses on the Athens or regional campuses and online.