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OHIO Alliance for Population Health creating a southern Ohio behavioral health corridor

June 21, 2024 To expand the state's behavioral health workforce, the Ohio Alliance for Population Health (OAPH) received part of a $1 million grant to establish a behavioral health corridor across southern Ohio.

'You're a bridge. You are the community.'

March 14, 2024 How OHIO-trained community health workers connect with and care for the people in their region.

Revolutionizing diabetes care: Ohio University's impact on the Appalachian Diabetes Belt

March 7, 2024 Diabetes, a national crisis, hits close to home in the heart of Appalachia. While the infamous "Diabetes Belt" traditionally encompasses southern states like Georgia and Alabama, the Appalachian region grapples with similarly alarming rates of diabetes-related mortality.

Applications now being accepted for Community Health Worker Program

December 8, 2023 A free Community Health Worker Program is now available at OHIO Lancaster. The deadline for application submission is Friday, Dec. 29, 2023.

OHIO Chillicothe helps support improved community health through Community Health Worker training

June 21, 2023 Vanessa Escamilla, Bailey Herzog and Jared Robertson come from different backgrounds, but they all share a strong desire to help serve their communities.

Applications open for summer Community Health Worker training

April 12, 2023 Ohio University is accepting applications for the Community Health Worker Program for summer 2023.

How Ohio University is improving the health of Ohio’s aging population

February 28, 2023 With leading research, technology development, infrastructure changes and community support, Ohio University is taking significant strides in improving the health of the state’s older residents. 

OHIO and Genesis HealthCare survey community needs

November 1, 2022 Genesis HealthCare System and Ohio University surveyed Genesis staff involved in with patients to determine the depth and scope of needs for staff, patients, and patient’s families.

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Academic Health Departments bring people and expertise together

November 1, 2022 Universities, health departments, providers and health advocates are embracing the emerging concept of Academic Health Departments to combine their resources and better serve their constituencies. 

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OHIO fights cancer through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Project

November 1, 2022 Ohio University has been working with the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Project over the past few years to improve the health of the people of this region.

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Ohio’s State Health Assessment and State Improvement Plan

November 1, 2022 The Ohio Department of Health selected Ohio University and its partners to facilitate development of the next State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan. 

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Appalachian Children Coalition hold second annual symposium

November 1, 2022 The second annual symposium with the Ohio University College of Health Sciences and Professions and the Appalachian Children Coalition was held Monday, Nov. 7, 2022.

OneOhio Recovery Foundation ensures fair distribution of more than $400M to fight the opioid crisis in local communities

November 1, 2022 Ohio leaders secured $808 million in a settlement that gives Ohio new resources to help undo the damage and strengthen our state’s fight against substance abuse.

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The OHIO Alliance for Population Health in Ukraine

November 1, 2022 The OHIO Alliance for Population Health partner organizations are rising to the occasion to support Ukraine as war rages.

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CHSP and Voinovich partner to provide training to health centers

November 1, 2022 The College of Health Sciences and Professions/OHIO Alliance for Population Health and Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service have teamed up to provide leadership training and professional development to the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers.

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