Research and Impact

Taylor Vickers delves into San Francisco archives to help Kathleen Sullivan research sailor boardinghouses

October 3, 2022 Taylor Vickers had to travel to San Francisco—and to a time in history when Mark Twain wrote about the city of then-450,000 people as an emerging center of commerce between the old world and the new.

OHIO students place first, second and third in international Wikipedia editing competition

September 29, 2022 Computer science students in Data Mining and Data Science worked toward the same goal — to improve a Wikipedia page with more robust descriptions, key visuals and reliable sources.

McCarty pursues biomedical engineering to work towards cure for multiple sclerosis

September 22, 2022 When Emily McCarty's sister was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she immediately recognized a need for improved healthcare around MS and shifted her focus to biomedical engineering.

OHIO team soft launches first sensor in low altitude weather network

September 13, 2022 Assistant professor Chad Mourning was awarded one of Ohio Federal Research Network’s awards for a low altitude weather network, and has completed the soft launch of the first unit in the network.

Hagen Childers explores the versatility of chemical engineering

September 8, 2022 For Hagen Childers, fourth year chemical engineering student, it was the wealth of opportunity that attracted her to chemical engineering.

Brett Peters and Peggy Zoccola to look at how friends influence social anxiety

September 7, 2022 Psychologists are taking a basic science approach to examine how one-on-one interpersonal interactions among friends may be directing impacting social anxiety.

Cassandra Thompson shows danger to frogs from pesticide; points to a solution

August 31, 2022 Cassandra Thompson's research highlights the need to understand the tradeoffs of using pesticides on invasive species and the effects on vulnerable species such as amphibians.

Brazilian students exchange culture and corrosion research

August 22, 2022 For Ph.D. students Bernardo Santos and Maria Serenario, studying corrosion at Ohio University’s Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology (ICMT) was a top priority.

Chemical Engineering student selected for prestigious Tau Beta Pi scholarship

August 22, 2022 Fourth year chemical engineering student Dominic Riepenhoff has been awarded the Tau Beta Pi scholarship.

CHSP professor Jeff Russell collaborating with Boston University to study brains of stunt performers

August 17, 2022 Jeff Russell has spent his career assuring that performing artists receive the same amount of attention to health care as athletes do, now expanding his research to stunt performers in film and TV.

Three Ohio teachers chosen as Scripps Communication Fellows

August 11, 2022 The Ohio University Scripps College of Communication recently named three PK-12 teachers in Ohio to the Communication Fellows Program.

OHIO makes regional economic impact

August 11, 2022 Located in the rolling hills of Appalachian Ohio, Ohio University acknowledges the important role it plays in fueling the local and regional economy.

Daramola wins ORAU's Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award

August 10, 2022 Damilola Daramola was awarded the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award recognizing his work to extract rare earth elements (REE) from coal mining waste. 

Ohio Congressmen Balderson and Johnson get firsthand look at OHIO’s contributions to region through research, outreach, and experiential learning

August 10, 2022 Ohio Congressmen Troy Balderson and Bill Johnson visited Ohio University's Athens campus today to tour facilities and learn more about OHIO's myriad contributions to Appalachian Ohio and the state.

Chemistry lab students predict spread of COVID-19 with kinetics models

August 9, 2022 Students in the spring kinetics lab predicted daily COVID-19 cases in the state of Ohio through fall 2022.