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Physics Ph.D. student wins Best Speaker Award at international conference in Spain

August 4, 2022 Physics doctoral student Eva Yazmin Santiago Santos received a prestigious Best Speaker Award at a large international conference in Spain.

Faculty invited to apply for humanities grants to support internships, research and travel

August 2, 2022 Ohio University humanities faculty are encouraged to apply by Sept. 15 for grants from the Central Region Humanities Center.

OMNI scientist Szewczyk collaborates on proposal that could revolutionize space medicine, improve astronaut health

July 29, 2022 Nate Szewczyk and several other researchers from around the world have published a paper that proposes a program for the European Space Agency that could potentially revolutionize space medicine.

JAMA study, led by Heritage College faculty, finds association between high insulin dosage and cancer

July 29, 2022 Dr. Yuanjie Mao has led a study looking at the correlation between daily insulin dose and cancer incidence among patients with type 1 diabetes.

Carey Snyder's take on 'Ann Veronica' by H.G. Wells provides window to discuss women's lives today

July 28, 2022 If today's social issues are but a moment in time on the trajectory of human development, then literature is not just a window to the past, but also a way to discuss the present.

Yeong Kim studies Japan's bid to host the 2030 Olympics, spends summer at Chubu

July 27, 2022 Yeong-Hyun Kim spent the summer in Japan researching both the lure and the urban impact of being an Olympic venue.

OHIO Bioinformatics Lab discovers genetic 'word pairs,' next step in mapping neurological disease

July 26, 2022 When international researchers capture information at the genomic level, it takes help from OHIO engineers to find patterns in the 3D picture that let scientists visualize the genes at work.

Moran and Bell research British tearooms, where a hunger for rural past meant opportunities for women

July 26, 2022 Theresa Moran and David Bell present two views of the 1930s British pastime of rambling — from the perspective of hungry day hikers and from the entrepreneurial women who fed them.

OHIO Zanesville awarded Straker grant to add nursing lab equipment

July 7, 2022 Ohio University Zanesville was recently awarded a grant from the J.W. and M.H. Straker Charitable Foundation to expand nursing lab experiences throughout the campus.

From Capitol Hill to capital firm: Sarah Ladipo's latest internship takes her inside startup culture

June 30, 2022 She’s interned on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., and on a gender project with Harvard. Next, Sarah O. Ladipo is getting an inside look at a venture capital firm in Columbus, Ohio, this summer.

Federal Aviation Administration grants $10 million to OHIO's Avionics Engineering Center

June 16, 2022 The Avionics Engineering Center has been awarded a $10 million agreement from the Federal Aviation Administration to enable the FAA to obtain specialized technical support and access test facilities.

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Can they make graphite from coal? OHIO researchers start by finding new carbon solid

June 10, 2022 As the world's appetite for carbon-based materials like graphite increases, Ohio University researchers presented evidence this week for a new carbon solid they named "amorphous graphite."

OHIO researcher collaborates to find COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy linked to race and political affiliation characteristics

June 10, 2022 An OHIO researcher analyzing the attitudes and hesitancy surrounding COVID-19 vaccine acceptance has found that race and political affiliation were key demographic indicators for vaccine hesitancy.

Bizarre Meat-Eating Dinosaur Joins “Rogues’ Gallery” of Giant Predators from Classic Fossil Site in Egypt’s Sahara Desert

June 8, 2022 An Egyptian-American team of researchers has announced the discovery of a new kind of large-bodied meat-eating dinosaur, or theropod, from a celebrated fossil site in Egypt’s Sahara Desert.

OHIO researcher looks into little known ‘purging disorder’

April 29, 2022 Ohio University researcher publishes study on little-known eating disorder known as “purging disorder."