Research and Impact

From Athens to Paris, Huiru Wang studies corrosion around the world

December 21, 2022 When the United States border closed during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Ph.D. candidate Huiru Wang was a visiting scholar at Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

Statewide Center works toward health equity for all Ohioans

December 15, 2022 In Ohio communities, people are working to help themselves meet health challenges – and people are working to help them do it.

2022-23 Presidential Research Scholars are explorers of human history and scientific discovery

December 13, 2022 Ohio University has named four professors as its 2022-23 Presidential Research Scholars: Neil Bernstein, Ronan Carroll, Katherine Jellison, and Patrick O’Connor.

Gbolaga Olanrewaju wins top graduate award, first place for poster at gravitational and space research conference

December 10, 2022 Gbolaga Olanrewaju won the top graduate student award and first place for his research poster at the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research meeting in Houston.

Kehinde Moyosola Ositimehin followed her heart to OHIO, fisheries and water quality

December 10, 2022 Kehinde Moyosola Ositimehin follows her interests, even when they take her to places she doesn’t expect.

Jixin Chen discovers new reaction rate in solution, with implications for industrial, biological processes

December 8, 2022 While the world watches the soccer world cup, chemist Jixin Chen is studying another kind of "ball" and discovering that a 100-year-old collision theory doesn't stand up to 21st century calculations.

29 students receive Provost Undergraduate Research Fund awards

December 7, 2022 The Ohio University Provost Undergraduate Research Fund (PURF) award program provided 29 students with a total of $40,446 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this fall.

Ph.D. student Huiru Wang successfully defends dissertation

December 2, 2022 Huiru Wang, a Ph.D. student in the Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology (ICMT), successfully defended her dissertation.

Sarah Wyatt's next experiment on the International Space Station will probe plant telomeres

December 1, 2022 Sarah Wyatt is teaming up with colleagues from Texas A&M and Colorado State to research the effect of space radiation on plant telomeres -- an International Space Station experiment.

Neil Bernstein brings modern access to 2,000-year-old classic Latin poetry

December 1, 2022 Classicist Neil Bernstein brings modern access to 2,000-year-old classic Latin poetry through his English translation and commentary in two new books.

Anthropology students conduct mid-semester archaeology fieldwork in Virginia 

November 29, 2022 Joseph Gingerich led Ohio University students back to Virginia in November, continuing his research to document eroding archaeological sites along the Roanoke River.

Fall Grad Spotlight: Sydney Walters graduates with a list of things to remember forever

November 28, 2022 As senior Sydney Walters looks ahead to life after Ohio University, she has some big plans as she waits to hear on her graduate school applications.

EBI postdoctoral fellow awarded fellowship in aging research

November 23, 2022 Ohio University’s Edison Biotechnology Institute (EBI) postdoctoral researcher Silvana Duran-Ortiz was awarded the 2022 Glenn Foundation for Medical Research Postdoctoral Fellowship in Aging Research.

OHIO faculty honored for continuing to share expertise and research through their work with media

November 18, 2022 In the calendar year 2021, 221 faculty members from every college and regional campus were featured in 2,300 media reports from all over the world.

OHIO researcher receives more than $1 million in funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

November 17, 2022 Berkeley Franz, Ph.D., was awarded over $1 million by the National Institute on Drug Abuse for two separate studies that are aimed at helping provide resources to combat the opioid epidemic.