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OHIO faculty experts discuss navigating the modern workplace in the newly revamped Ask the Experts podcast

For more than three years, we’ve been sitting down with faculty experts from across the University to talk about trending topics through the Ask the Experts livestream series. OHIO’s experts have provided insight, explanations and their own opinions on some of the biggest topics over the years, but now this livestreamed series has shifted to a podcast format, allowing audiences to listen to these discussions in an even easier and more accessible format.  

Produced by Ohio University’s Communications and Marketing Department, specifically by senior Honors Tutorial College journalism student Sophie Young, the Ask the Experts podcast allows for even more interdisciplinary collaboration and for students to develop a podcast from start to finish using OHIO’s podcast studio in the Scripps College of Communication. 

On this first podcast, as Tantrum Theater’s production of the iconic Dolly Parton musical “9 to 5” approaches its opening night, College of Arts and Sciences' faculty experts Drs. Cynthia Anderson, professor of sociology, and Glenn Dutcher, assistant professor of economics, discuss what exactly “9 to 5” means in the modern workplace. 

The podcast is now streaming on Spotify 

More podcasts on various other topics will be produced throughout the rest of this semester and in the future. 

February 14, 2024
Staff reports