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Monica Price wants students to find 'hands-on, feet-in, mind-expanding, and heart-engaging experiences'

Monica Price is the new director of student services in the College of Arts and Sciences. In this position, she will help manage the implementation of OHIO Guarantee+ and graduation plans, as well as develop and implement programs for at-risk and under-achieving students and coordinate retention efforts.

That means she'll be advocating for "hands-on, feet-in, mind-expanding, and heart-engaging learning opportunities" for students across the college, she said.

Price will be providing education and training for faculty mentors, professional advisors, and success advisors in her new role in the Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office. She also will assist with developing and enhancing advising, recruitment, and retention programs as well as maintaining an active student advising caseload.

"We are tremendously lucky to have Dr. Price as our director of student services. She is a powerhouse. She is not only a very committed advisor to our students, but also her scholarly background is in student success. We look forward to working with Dr. Price in developing and implementing data-informed approaches to student retention and recruitment," said Associate Dean Nukhet Sandal.

Price has been with Ohio University for six years, having previously worked in corporate consulting. She also earned two degrees at OHIO, an M.A. in Interpersonal Communication from the Scripps College of Communication and a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the Patton College of Education.

"When I started with OHIO, I was an adjunct faculty member teaching on the Chillicothe campus and then moved to the Athens campus. I have always enjoyed hearing about students' future goals, so I transitioned to academic advising. In my new role, I look forward to helping students get the most from their Ohio University experience," Price said.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Price join us in this new role. She has worked with our students on the Chillicothe campus, OHIO Online, and on Athens, and she’s even been a student here at Ohio University. Her passion for working with students and helping them find their paths is inspiring,” said Interim Dean Sarah Poggione.

Price said she is fortunate to have worked with hundreds of students over the years, and each with a unique journey.

"Sometimes, helping a student secure a grant so they can study abroad is life changing. Sometimes, helping a student select a major and minor that combine seemingly disparate passions can open a life-changing vision of their future. Sometimes, listening and providing reassurance can help a student get through a challenging time and persist to graduation—and having a degree is certainly life changing!" she said.

Q&A with Monica Price

Q: What are the most important things you want students and faculty to know about the Guarantee+ planning?

A: The Ohio Guarantee Plus program encourages students and their advisors to talk more often about the students' plans and progress. The program gives students and advisors tools to not only plan the courses needed to complete the degree, but to also plan experiences so students take advantage of all the hands-on, feet-in, mind-expanding, and heart-engaging learning opportunities that we have here at Ohio University.

Q: What would tell a new OHIO student not to miss their first year?

A: I think every Bobcat should get to know the University Libraries within their first year. Each library has great study areas and amazing research resources.

Q: What is the most common—and avoidable?—misstep that new Bobcats make as they learn to navigate the bricks? (Besides forgetting comfortable shoes…)

A: Not asking for help is an avoidable misstep. For many Bobcats, asking for help is a new thing. But the transition to university life is challenging, so we have teams of people ready to help! Just ask!

Q: What is the hardest hill most students will have to climb (not counting Jeff Hill) their first year?

A: For many students, it is hard to transition to university-level learning. Realizing that the study methods used in the past (like procrastination and cramming) don't yield good results can be jarring. But just like Jeff Hill, you can conquer this one! (Refer to the tip above and ask for help!)

Q: You’re a two-time alumna… What are your favorite OHIO memories?

A: My favorite OHIO memories are about the people I met. I came to Ohio University as a master's student in the Scripps College of Communication and then followed that with my Ph.D. in Higher Education from the Patton College of Education. I have great memories of colleagues and fun things that we experienced together, and I also have great memories of the inspiring faculty members I worked with. I hope every Bobcat finds people here that they can laugh and learn with!

October 28, 2022
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