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New fund created to support and recognize College of Fine Arts’ faculty

A newly-created College of Fine Arts faculty and staff leadership award program, established by members of the College’s volunteer Leadership Council, recognizes and rewards excellence among its faculty.

Recipients of the two awards, the Research and Community Outreach Award and the Teaching and Mentoring Award, may use their award to support research or creative activity, travel or other conference-related expenses, or as a salary supplement.

Garrett Field, assistant professor of ethnomusicology/musicology in the Schools of Interdisciplinary Arts and Music, and Erin Schlumpf, assistant professor of film studies in the Schools of Film and Interdisciplinary Arts, were selected as the recipients of this inaugural round of awards.

Field, who received the Research and Community Outreach Award, said he feels extremely honored and grateful to be recognized. He plans to use the award to travel to the Maldives to conduct research for the final chapters of his book, “Cultivating Erudition: Dhivehi Aesthetic Forms in the Maldives Islands.”

​“It is honestly a great blessing to have this award available because it helps Fine Arts faculty members to follow their passion and bring their projects to fruition,” Field said.

Schlumpf, who received the Teaching and Mentoring Award, teaches classes at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral level. As assistant professor, she chaired 10 doctoral dissertations and masters’ theses, and has served on 33 doctoral, masters, bachelors and honors committees.

“I am touched that my colleagues selected me for this award. As professors, teaching is our most public quotidian work,” Schlumpf said. “It’s our outward face, bolstered by the often-introverted research and writing. Teaching and mentoring students is a huge focus of my work at OHIO, and what I prize most about my job. I feel so honored to be recognized for something that I value so highly.”

Schlumpf said her award will go toward travel to conferences and to purchase research materials.

Leadership Council member Ann Moneypenny said there has been discussion over the last few years regarding more ways to foster recognition of Fine Arts faculty’s excellence. Moreover, Moneypenny appreciates the award program’s recognition of faculty who have demonstrated excellence in community outreach.

Leadership Council Member Cathy Levy said it is easy to tell how passionate the faculty in the College of Fine Arts is about their work and it’s a positive thing for the University to have a variety of ways to appreciate the staff.

“Anytime I come to the University for a meeting or for a show … I just continue to be so uplifted and so much want to support it financially and emotionally,” Levy said.

Recently, Levy, who attended a performance of Tantrum Theater’s production of the Tony Award-winning musical “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812” in Athens earlier this spring, heard OHIO alumnus and “Great Comet” creator Dave Malloy speak about his college experience and how he was impacted by the faculty in the School of Music.

“He was so indebted to these two professors who he named,” Levy said. “And he said that he just couldn’t thank them enough … that’s a beautiful story about what this faculty did for somebody.”

College of Fine Arts Dean Matthew Shaftel said this new awards program is just one way to thank Fine Arts faculty for the impact they have on the arts globally and in service to Fine Arts students.

“I thank the members of the College of Fine Arts’ Leadership Council who had the foresight and determination to create this important awards program,” Shaftel said. “The extraordinary work of our faculty and their teaching, mentorship and support of our students is unparalleled. We look forward to future award cycles that will recognize and reward deserving faculty in perpetuity.”

Additional nominees recognized for their work include:

School of Art + Design:
Jennie Klein, professor of art history

Melissa Haviland, professor of printmaking

School of Film:
Lindsey Martin, assistant professor of film

David Colagiovanni, lecturer and director of the Athens Center for Film and Video

School of Theater:
Jeanette Buck, associate professor of instruction

Molly Tiede-Schroer, assistant professor of lighting design

School of Music:
Matt James, professor of saxophone and jazz studies

Dominique Petite, visiting assistant professor of choral music education

School of Dance:
Zelma Badu-Younge, professor of dance

Tresa Randall, associate professor of dance

May 4, 2022
Emma Skidmore, BSJ ‘23