Flexspace allows employees to work in an environment that best suits their need

Published: January 14, 2022 Author: Staff reports

Every employee has their own way of how they work best and most efficiently. For some that is being in an office and having in person meetings, for others, it is working from home or being able to change their location based on that day’s needs. With flexspace, employees have the option to work in a location that is the most practical and operational for them. 

In the fifth video in the series, Polly Mitchell, manager of the accounts payable department, explains how she is easily able to supervise a team of six individuals with different jobs because of how adaptable flexspace is in allowing her employees to do what works best for them.

“Each of them are very different and I have some people who are to themselves and maybe just meeting with them for 30 minutes a week via a teams meeting is enough,” Mitchell said. “I also have some people who like the in person interaction so I come into the office to meet with them.”

Through flexspace, employees can adjust their working environment based on their own personality and what they like. To provide the best working environment for employees, Mitchell emphasizes getting to know your employees well in order to adapt to them as an individual.

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