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Supervising teams across remote environments using flexspace allows for productive work and communication

Published: November 5, 2021 Author: Staff reports

Over the last 15 months, OHIO employees have worked in various spaces – from home, to the office, and in various other locations around campus and in their respective communities. Amid the transition to remote work and finding a good location to work in, OHIO employees have continued to produce good work and collaborate as a team, and the new flexspace around campus will continue to advance that.

In the second video in the series highlighting advantages of the new University flexspace, Sarah Riddlebarger, Manager of IT Service Ownership, explains how she is able to continue to supervise the two teams that report to her through effective communication regardless of location.

She says that working remote and in various spaces doesn’t feel too different since she’s still able to have one on one conversations with her team members and they’re still able to focus on results.

One way this effective communication is possible is through new technology that’s been updated in flexspace areas, such as webcams and microphones, as well as new monitors that make these virtual meetings possible.

Being able to supervise teams no matter where they’re located is a valuable asset to have when providing current and future employees with a healthy work/life balance and adapting to their needs.

“If you trust people they will give you their best work,” Riddlebarger said. “So I think remote work policy really helps us as a University to help attract the kind of people we want to make a difference for our students.”

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