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Flexspace provides opportunities to learn transferable skills in the digital space, while reducing OHIO’s paper footprint

Published: November 24, 2021 Author: Staff reports

Since the beginning of COVID, people have had to adapt to working more in the digital space. This transition to a mainly online format may have brought some challenges at first but has allowed for more people to learn and become familiar with the digital space, gaining applicable skills for their future.

In the fourth video in the series, Suraiya Padiyath Abdulla, associate director of Graduate Planning, discusses how flexspace can provide learning opportunities in the digital space, all while helping reduce OHIO’s footprint by saving on the amount of paper used.

“Having a flexible workspace can transform us into a more digital format,” Abdulla explained. “I have noticed when I make a template or a graduation plan, if I have it online and send to students, they have it and keep it. I’m hoping we will become more paperless and transform our paper format into digital formats and help save our environment, reducing our carbon footprint.”

By switching to this digital format and changing the footprint of OHIO, flexspace work can both offer transferable skills for students and make a difference in the environment.

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