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Presidential Health Directive Update, Nov. 16, 2020

Published: November 16, 2020 Author: Staff reports

The following message was shared with the Ohio University community.

Dear University Community:

This email serves as notification of an amendment to Presidential Health Directive number 6 (asymptomatic testing). Interim Policy 44.102 allows the President, in consultation with the University’s Chief Medical Affairs Officer, to establish specific health requirements for University community members as necessary to mitigate current community health risks. The first five Community Health Directives were issued on August 26, 2020 and remain in effect.  The following Community Health Directive will be added to that list and is effective immediately for all students, faculty, and staff until further notice. 


Ohio University has partnered with CVS Health to develop an asymptomatic testing program for students. Prior to being permitted to access campus each semester and on a recurring basis throughout each semester, students may be contacted and given instruction on how to schedule a COVID-19 test. Once contacted, the student shall schedule and complete a test per the provided instructions. The University will test all students with a presence on campus.

Students who fail to schedule or take a test when notified may be prohibited from attending face-to-face classes, accessing in-person campus services, or entering campus buildings until a COVID-19 test is completed. Students who refuse to be tested will be required to withdraw from face-to-face classes for the remainder of the semester and complete their classes remotely, unless granted an exemption per University process. Students living in residence halls who fail to comply with required testing shall be subject to the terms of their University Housing and Culinary Services Contract.  Students that fail to comply with this directive may be subject to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct.

Additionally, asymptomatic testing will be available for University employees on a voluntary basis. Employees will be notified by email when they are on a list to obtain a test.

When taken in accordance with University instructions in the notification email, the test will be provided at no cost to students, faculty, and staff.

Thank you for embracing OHIO’s culture of care. We ask each member of our community to do their part to keep one another safe in the midst of the worldwide public health crisis.


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