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Ohio University updates administrative appointment policies

Published: July 31, 2020 Author: From Staff Reports

Ohio University continues to review its human resources policies to ensure they align with current operations, best practices, and external regulations. As part of this effort, the University recently updated the policies that specify how it manages administrative employee appointments, performance reviews, terminations, disciplinary actions, and appeals.

The updated policies also clarify that administrative appointments can be exempt or non-exempt, and are at will, subject to involuntary termination with or without cause. The interim policies went into effect on June 1, 2020.

In 2019, University administration discussed the need for policy changes with Administrative Senate. Policies were recently modified to align Ohio University’s employment processes with other public universities that are members of the state Inter-University Council, as well as with national best practices.

The new policies provide more flexibility in the management of administrative positions, including changes to the termination policy and the ability to alter appointments from 12-month to 11-, 10- or 9-month appointments. In most cases, however, the altering or abolishment of administrative positions will continue to be guided by reasons of economy or for operational efficiencies or effectiveness, similar to the current practice. 

Under the new policy, administrators involuntarily terminated without cause may be terminated at any time. Employees will receive no less than 30 days notice prior to the effective date of employment separation. Involuntary terminations of the at-will appointments without cause are not subject to appeal.

Administrators involuntarily terminated with cause may be terminated at any time in accordance with the policy’s disciplinary guidelines. Involuntary terminations with cause will be effective immediately. Administrative employees have the right to grieve a disciplinary decision equal to a suspension of greater than three days, involuntary demotion, or termination for cause in accordance with policy 41.011.

In all actions involving the involuntary termination with or without cause, demotion, or discipline of employees, supervisors will consult with University Human Resources before implementing the employment action.  

The policy on performance management for administrators states that immediate supervisors will review the performance record of each administrator either prior to March 15 each year or in accordance with the agreed upon performance management schedule. Departments may request performance improvement plans.

The policies may be viewed here:

Appointments: https://www.ohio.edu/policy/40-106

Performance Management: https://www.ohio.edu/policy/40-005

Terminated and Disciplinary Action: https://www.ohio.edu/policy/41-012

Grievance Procedure: https://www.ohio.edu/policy/41-011