Enrichment Experiences

Cutler Scholars receive additional funding to support four enrichment experiences that develop confidence, increase awareness of differing international perspectives, and empower students to take initiative for the common good. There is one enrichment experience associated with each school year.

Through one-on-one coaching, scholars develop experiences that synthesize their areas of interest with program values and goals.

Outdoor Leadership

Cutler Scholars explore their strengths and develop leadership skills through an outdoor program such as Outward Bound.

Public Service Internship

Cutler Scholars increase their civic awareness and commitment to acting for the greater social good through unpaid service experiences with nonprofit organizations.

Professional Internship

Cutler Scholars complete internships that advance their personal and professional goals and develop their awareness of ethical issues in a professional setting.

International Experience

Cutler Scholars increase their understanding of global relationships and cultivate cultural humility through study or work abroad

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