Named Fellowships

Up to five fellowships, funded through the Graduate College, are available annually. Each award carries a fellowship in the amount of $2,000 per semester (fall and spring).  

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Nomination Materials

2024-2025 Named Fellowship Recipients

The John Cady Graduate FellowshipEva Liu
Project Title: Feminist Theory of Our Own: Localized Production of Feminist Knowledge, Discourse and Identities in Digital China
The Donald Clippinger Graduate FellowshipIsaiah Yasko
Project Title: Advancing Hydrodynamic Bearings for Renewable Energy Sector Applications
The Claude Kantner Graduate FellowshipAzmat Khan
Project Title: The Discursive Construction of Adaptation, Mitigation, Resilience, and Vulnerability in Pakistan’s National Climate Change Policy: A Critical Discourse Perspective
The Anthony Trisolini Graduate FellowshipMadeline Deshazer
Project Title: Examining the Impact of Student-Teacher Relationships on Elementary School Teachers' Implementation of a Daily Report Card Intervention
Graduate College FellowshipNico Sartori
Project Title: Investigating A Potential New Sea Antarctic Sea Ice State in the Context of the 20th Century 

2023-2024 Named Fellowship Recipients

The John Cady Graduate FellowshipScott Brooks
Project Title: Utilizing green chemistry and bioderived materials to produce degradable biomaterial thermosets via additive manufacturing
The Donald Clippinger Graduate FellowshipPeifeng Yu
Project Title: Biochemical studies of ubiquitin-26S proteasome system (UPS) and autophagy in seed development 
The Claude Kantner Graduate FellowshipChuck Kaminski
Project Title: Re-framing Resilience as a Narrative Process: An Interpretive Study of the Mobile Art Project 
The Anthony Trisolini Graduate FellowshipChristopher St. John
Project Title: How Can We Know Aliens? We Can't Even Know Rabbits? 
Graduate College FellowshipAlexandra Sempowski
Project Title: Mind the gaps: Uncertainty quantification for models of strongly interacting matter with application to neutron-star properties 

2022-23 Named Fellowship Recipients

The John Cady Graduate FellowshipTao Lin
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Hometown: Zhejiang, China
Project Title: The Effectiveness of Therapist Training in Tele-FIRST: Interpersonal Skills for Interfacing Challenges in Tele-Therapy
The Donald Clippinger Graduate FellowshipAbhijit Sukul
Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hometown: Patuakhali, Bangladesh
Project Title:  Identifying small RNAs associated with transition from the Primary to Secondary Cell Wall Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
The Claude Kantner Graduate FellowshipGrace Sikpokoo
Ph.D., Communication Studies
Hometown: Adukrom, Eastern Region, Ghana
Project Title: Helping African American Breast Cancer Survivors Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes: The Role of Family Communication in Progression through the Stages of Change
The Anthony Trisolini Graduate FellowshipSteven Strafford
M.F.A., Playwriting
Hometown: Many places including Brooklyn, NY, Old Bridge, NJ, NYC, and Chicago, IL
Project Title: The Belle Tolls
Graduate College FellowshipMarissa Dyck
Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Hometown: McMinnville, Oregon
Project Title: When carnivores collide: Assessing resource overlap and co-occurrence of bobcats and coyotes in Ohio

2021-22 Named Fellowship Recipients

The John Cady Graduate FellowshipDominic Ysidron
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Project Title: Effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation on pain and nociception
The Donald Clippinger Graduate FellowshipKira Slepchenko
Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology
Hometown: Athens, Ohio
Project Title: The role of hepcidin/ferroportin network in metabolism of zinc and iron in pancreatic beta-cells under physiological and inflammatory conditions
The Claude Kantner Graduate FellowshipHeather Matthys
Ph.D., Communication Studies
Hometown: Lyons, NY
Project Title: Adult-Children’s Experiences of a Caregiver’s Invisible Chronic Illnesses
The Anthony Trisolini Graduate FellowshipIvan Mosley
M.F.A., Playwriting
Hometown: Greensboro, NC 
Project Title: N/N
Graduate College FellowshipSamuel Gutherz
Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Hometown: Honesdale, PA
Project Title: Skeletal pneumaticity and decoupling mass-volume relationships in bone

2020-21 Named Fellowship Recipients

The John Cady Graduate FellowshipSamantha Margherio
Ph.D., Psychology
Hometown: Taos, Missouri
Project Title: Long-term Effects of a Training Intervention for Adolescents with ADHD on Alcohol Use
The Donald Clippinger Graduate FellowshipNicholas Whitticar
Ph.D., Translational Biomedical Sciences
Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio
Project Title: A 3D-printed organ-on-a-chip system to determine the role of pulsatile insulin secretion in liver function 
The Claude Kantner Graduate FellowshipCourtney Hooks
Ph.D., Communication Studies
Hometown: Long Beach, California
Project Title: Expanding Understandings of Involuntary Membership and Organizational (Dis)Engagement: A Dialectical Analysis of Prisoners' Constructions of Rehabilitation
The Anthony Trisolini Graduate FellowshipSkye Robinson Hillis
M.F.A., Playwriting
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Project Title: The Martha Mitchell Effect
Graduate College Fellowship

Raeven Bastock
Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology
Hometown: Lorain, Ohio
Project Title: Temperature dependent gene regulation in Staphylococcus aureus


2019-20 Named Fellowship Recipients

The John Cady Graduate FellowshipAndrew Manigault
Ph.D., Psychology
Project Title: A Test of the Interactive Effects of Mindful Awareness and Acceptance Manipulations on Cardiovascular Responses to Acute Stress
The Donald Clippinger Graduate FellowshipRebecca Keogh
Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Project Title: Analysis of PPIase enzymes in Staphylococcus aureus
The Claude Kantner Graduate FellowshipXiaomeng Li
Ph.D., Mass Communication 
Project Title: Surviving in between Neoliberalism and ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’: Chinese Women in Negotiation with the Nation and Public Culture
The Anthony Trisolini Graduate FellowshipJordan Puckett
M.F.A., Playwriting
Project Title: En Las Sombras
Graduate College FellowshipAnne Sternberger
Ph.D., Environmental & Plant Biology
Project Title: An Interdisciplinary Investigation Into the Mixed Breeding System of Viola pubescens

2018-19 Named Fellowship Recipients

  • The John Cady Graduate Fellowship: Alexander Lovelace - Ph.D., History
  • The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship: Anthony Gilbert - Ph.D., Biological Sciences
  • The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship: Nicole Hudak - Ph.D., Communication Studies
  • The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship: Inna Tsyrlin - M.F.A., Playwriting
  • Graduate College Fellowship: Xueying Ko - Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

2017-18 Named Fellowship Recipients

  • The John Cady Graduate Fellowship: Michelle Pretotius - Ph.D., English
  • The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship: Mary Gemmel - Ph.D., Biological Sciences
  • The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship: Katy A. Ross - Ph.D., Communication Studies
  • The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship: Brian MacNeel - M.F.A., Film
  • Graduate College Fellowship: Clarissa Bunch - M.Ed., Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

2016-17 Named Fellowship Recipients

  • The John Cady Graduate Fellowship: M. Renee Benham - Ph.D., English Victorian Literature
  • The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship: Kiran Prasai - Ph.D., Physics and Astronomy
  • The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship: Mitchell D. Smith - Ph.D., History
  • The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship: Rachel Bykowski - M.F.A., Playwriting
  • Graduate College Fellowship: Nicholas Tomeo - Ph.D., Environmental and Plant Biology