Early For

What is Early for?

Early for is designed for students who miss intended semester filing deadlines. If a student misses one of the deadlines in the TAD Process: Graduation Application Deadline, Oral Defense Deadline, Post-defense Review Deadline, and/or Final Clearance Deadline: TAD Process Complete Deadline, the student may choose to file Early for.

For example, if a student misses a deadline for Spring* semester, they might be eligible to file Early for Summer*.


"Early For" Requirements

The Early deadlines allow students to avoid tuition and fees for Summer* semester if they meet the following requirements:

  • They meet all posted TAD Deadlines.
  • They are registered in the current (Spring*) semester for at least half (.5) of a credit hour.
  • They have no visa restriction requiring them to be registered in the semester they graduate. (Contact International Student Services if you are unsure 740.593.7330.)
  • They have no obligations to their home college (All coursework complete, all requirements met).
  • If they receive any services from any office on campus in the following semester, (apart from reapplication for graduation) they must register and pay tuition in that semester.


A student is eligible to file Early for if they are registered for the semester preceding the Early for semester. For example, if a student misses a Spring* deadline(s) they are only eligible for Early for in Summer* semester. They are not eligible for Early for in any other semester unless they register in the preceding semester. If students opt to file Early for Fall, they must register in Summer semester; the semester immediately preceding Fall semester.

Graduation Application

The Graduation Application Deadline is the same for students filing Early for Summer* and Summer*.

We recommend students apply for graduation in the earliest semester they might be able to finish. The rationale is if a student meets all other deadlines and has not applied for graduation (by the deadline) in that semester, they would not be able to graduate in that current semester.

If they have applied for graduation and are unable to meet all deadlines, they can reapply for graduation in the next semester. The graduation application fee is $50, the reapplication fee is $5. If, for example, a student plans to graduate Spring semester and applies for graduation for Spring, but misses a deadline, they can reapply for Summer graduation for only $5.

Degree Conferral

The degree conferral (graduation) date is the same for students filing Early for Summer* and Summer*.

*We use Spring and Summer semesters only as examples. Requirements and protocols are the same for “Early for” in any given semester.