Reapplying to Complete a Degree

Degree-seeking students who have exceeded the time limit for their degree must reapply and be readmitted in order to complete the degree.

Limitations on Readmission

  • Students can only be admitted to degree programs in the current Graduate Catalog.
  • Readmitted students must fulfill degree requirements in effect at the point of readmission. 
  • Readmission is for a limited period, defined by the academic college at the time of readmission.

Steps to Readmission

  • Contact your academic program regarding your interest in completing your degree.
  • Complete any college/academic program petitions for readmission.
  • Submit a new graduate degree-seeking application.

Supporting Materials

  • Check with your academic program regarding what supporting materials it requires.
  • Submit copies of official transcripts for any institutions attended following your prior attendance at Ohio University.


You will need to submit a new degree-seeking application.

Within the application:

  • In the "Program Selection" section, select application type "reapplying to finish an Ohio University graduate degree that I have already started".
  • To ensure that your new application loads into your existing student record, please provide your Social Security Number.
  • Select the correct program and admission term. If the term for which you are seeking readmission is not open, have your program contact the Graduate College to request the term be opened. 
  • Upload any necessary supporting documents in the spaces provided within the application.
  • List all colleges/universities previously attended, including Ohio University.
  • Please note, the application will require information about recommenders. Please be sure to complete all required fields and click "Save". You are not required to send a request to your recommender.

Reapplication Fee - $25 (USD)

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