Changing Your Application

I want to apply for a different term. What do I do?

Return to your applicant portal and complete a new application.

Your application is valid for one program and one admission term. To apply to a different term, return to your application portal and complete a new application. Note: New materials must accompany a new application. Not every program admits every term. If you are unable to select your program for your desired term, that means the program is not admitting to that term.

I want to change the academic program on my application. What do I do?

If you want to change delivery modality (for example, from online to professional), program concentration area in the same degree (for example, changing an MBA concentration), or different level in the same academic program (for example, switching from a Ph.D. to a master's or vice versa), contact the Graduate College

If you want to apply to a different program, return to your applicant portal and complete an application. If you want to withdraw an application, notify the Graduate College