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Review your health insurance information before departure.  You should also find out what medical services and providers are available at your destination. Your faculty director, preceptor or program coordinator may provide you with this information, but if they do not, do the research yourself.  The Office of Global Opportunities website has more information on medical services and providers. If you have a more serious illness or accident, you should contact your program director or on-site coordinator/preceptor and involve them in any action that you take. They can help you with language issues with the doctors and with contacting others such as your family.  In serious cases, they will also contact OU or your program provider to keep them apprised of the situation.

In the Conditions of Participation you signed when applying to study abroad, you agreed that OU and its agents (i.e. faculty director, contracted organizations) have the authority to secure medical treatment on your behalf in case of accident or injury, and that you accept financial responsibility for all treatments. Many hospitals abroad demand payment for services up front, even in an emergency. Your coordinator may be able to help with this, on the condition that you pay him or her back. You should keep all receipts for medical care and a list of any medications and treatments you receive abroad. When you return to the US you can turn the receipts with your claim in to the health insurnace provided and take the record of your treatments to a doctor.


Your faculty director, preceptor  or program coordinator can assist you during a non-medical emergency, providing advice on replacing lost or stolen items and working with local police. They are also the ones who work in close coordination with American and foreign authorities in the case of a political or natural crisis. You should look to them for guidance and follow their instructions carefully. Another source of information is the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

While abroad, you are subject to the same laws and rules as a citizen of the host country. It is important to know that the US Embassy has only limited services if you are arrested; they can only assure that you receive due process as defined by the host country, arrange for legal aid, and help your family in the US understand the situation.

If a natural disaster or political situation warrants, your program may be moved to a different location or canceled. In this case, your director, preceptor or on-site coordinator will be in contact and help you in the move, including arranging return air tickets if necessary.


  •  Contact your family to let them know you arrived safely.
  • If you receive medical care, save all receipts. If you are an HTH network provider, you may not need to save receipts. Visit OGO Website for more information.
  • If you receive medical care, save a list of treatments received and medications taken to share with your US doctor when you return.
  • Review the customs guidelines for departing your host country and re-entering the US.
  • Take pictures, write in your journal, call home, and have fun!
  • If you are on an exchange or non-OHIO program, complete and submit your Verification of Enrollment once you are enrolled in classes. This form must be submitted for every term you are abroad.
  • If you are on an exchange or non-OHIO program, have your official transcript sent to the Office of Global Opportunities.
  • Emergency Numbers: If you need emergency support from the Office of Global Opportunities, please call 740-593-4583. Outside of regular office hourse (EST), follow the prompts to reach the on-call staff person.
  • For information on doctors, hospitals or other information in your area you can contact International SOS at 1-215-942-8478.


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